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    1. Alberto says:

      They called my phone at 2:50 pm PST while I was at work, so I did not answer. They didn't leave a voicemail, so I am assuming that it's a spam call.

    2. Isreal says:

      i got a call from this #.  the man asked for my husband so when i asked what it was about he said something then hung up i never did understand what he said the first time they called the guys name was mr.woodwinn. my husband said he did not know a mr. woodwinn. it does show a company name on the caller id it just says fort campbell ky.

    3. Carroll says:

      Answered when they called, but nobody was on the other end.

    4. Fabian says:

      this number has been changed and/or disconnected

    5. Santos says:

      yeh  who ever you are  im fileing  charges  aganst you  ignorant  ediots   they will get you   when the fbi  is done with you  youll wish  you never seena phone

    6. Omar says:

      client has a thick accent...very strange. tried to lure me into his car.. very bad vibe from this client. be careful,

    7. Reggie says:

      So tired of these spam calls... Same person always calls via a different number.

    8. Isiah says:

      This dude keeps calling and he is rude!! He said I was offensive cause I wouldn't help them! Lol I'll donate personally plus me going into the force he can back off or I'll arrest him!!

    9. Kip says:

      That number called my cell phone, and I missed it

    10. Leroy says:

      It talked about some cash reward that I should accept and it contained a web address

    11. Mickey says:

      says they're DMV and then say that I am paying too much for insurance, according to my drivers license.

    12. Gregory says:

      Looking for Elizabeth Wiilis. Told them it was wrong number and the lady got nasty with me and told me she wouldn't remove the number.

    13. Stanton says:

      This number will not stop calling me does anyone know what it is?

    14. Ervin says:

      Got a call from727-683-0723 this morning.  Showed CCFA on caller ID.  When I answered the woman was hesitant and finally asked for Jennifer. I said there is no Jennifer here.  She then asked where she could contact her.  I said I have no idea !

    15. Darrell says:

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