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    1. Sam says:

      this is my friend phone number his name is christopher diamantopoulos

    2. Al says:

      Yep.  It's a fax machine.  It's from Blue Shield of California advising of a Small Group Broker Seminar in San Jose on September 7th.  I'm cool with that because I'm an independant agent with a Blue Shield of California appointment.  If you aren't a Blue Shield agent though, you may want to call the RSVP number on the fax I received at 925-927-[removed: see comments below] and ask them to remove your number from their mass distribution list.

    3. Clayton says:

      bill collection for someone else.

    4. Marcelo says:

      Keep getting phone calls from this number and no one speaks, then a recorded voice says goodby. This is very spooky to me.

    5. Kendrick says:

      Weeks of getting calls from private-number 270-282-2369 is highly annoying. I don't answer and they don't answer. Reported online to FCC but we all know that that does no good. Finally bought a phone that blocks calls but that only workes after the caller ID is received after the first ring - go figure.

    6. Marcellus says:

      They call everyday and leave no message.

    7. Noe says:

      Spam... Ppl from an indian call center

    8. William says:

      Keep getting calls from this company using new numbers.

    9. Palmer says:

      Want to know which co.'s number is this?

    10. Broderick says:

      Marketing call to sell/ give away cell phone service

    11. Jess says:

      Its a bill collector call for john and i keep telling them they have the wrong number.

    12. Garry says:

      Scam. Suppose to make movie. Out 100 dollars from producer

    13. Scott says:

      His name is david and likes to text shemale escort ads. Claiming to have lots of money and full of bs! He waste your time with games!

    14. Luigi says:

      DO NOT provide any personal details to these people. They are phishing for information. They called me claiming they were from WN Positions and may have a job for me. They wanted to "confirm" my information, yet they didn't even know my name. If I had filled out some survey for a job, they would have known something other than my cell phone number. The guy was breathless he was talking so fast (probably to avoid being hung up on).

    15. Andrea says:

      Hear a beep and no one there. Some type of scammer.