814-659 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Kurtis says:

      Whomever these people are, they call almost daily. Never leave a message.

    2. Mariano says:

      I too have received many phone calls, too many to count. I decided to call the number back. When I did it offered me the option to put my number on a do not call list. Hope this is helpful for everyone else

    3. Elliott says:

      Total fraud... I received the phone call and was immediately suspicious. Offering a free $7,800 educational grant. I only have to register with $200 first for some strange reason. I can only get access to it at a Western Union, and some lady with a DEEP Indian accent is claiming to work for the U.S. Government. OKAY. How is it possible that there are people like this that our own government can't control.. Makes me sick to live in the world today..

    4. Kennith says:

      Say you won a contest, but actually is American laser skincare trying to sell you something. Got my number from spaweek magazine

    5. Jacinto says:

      Said I won a $1000 gift card and they just needed to verify the information they already have on file. Ended the call immediately.

    6. Walter says:

      Didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer it, i like this app, it's useful an helpful :)

    7. Claude says:

      Tried to call back get a busy signal everytime

    8. Rodrick says:

      fake spam recording of "free" cruise. block them

    9. Ulysses says:

      I received a text message on January 25th saying that I had been randomly selected for a Best Buy gift card of $1000. to go to winners.best buyscard.com with an ID number. It came from (347)903-6106. I think it is a scam.

    10. Doyle says:

      Wrong number debt collection

    11. Cedric says:

      Tried getting information by offering to pay for a truck placed on craigslist. The person even offered to pick the truck up after the check was cashed. No one buys a car without looking at it. How stupid do these people think we are. If they are still using the same number, how are they still trying to scam people? He didn't call me, he emailed me his number to call him and leave a message. I didn't do it, I knew it was a scam and then I googled his number

    12. Warner says:

      Calls back to back everyday 24/7. Its very annoyin

    13. Edmond says:

      People trying to scam you! They kept calling my number asking for a Diego Torres, after I told them a million times that there isn't anyone by that name here, they just kept calling and calling non stop! Last time I anwered I was told that they were going to keep calling up to 70 times a day until they could get a hold of that Diego guy. Had to turn off my phone!!!

    14. Leif says:

      2 calls they wanted to know if i ordered food from there restaurant "Pepper Mill"

    15. Gonzalo says:

      This person never leaves a message