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    1. Mohammad says:

      Also got the text did you see me on loving myself.com

    2. Eduardo says:

      Called twice...did not answer....message on voice mail was someone laughing and then hung up.

    3. Gilbert says:

      This number has called me 17 times today, starting at 12:04 PM EST.  According to my cell phone history, the next to the last time this number called at 5:56PM, it shows a duration of time of (00:00:00) and having called 12 times within that same minute.   The last call, at 5:57PM EST also shows the same duration time of (00:00:00).  I finally put this phone number on my Reject List.  This is clearly harassment, and I do not even know who or why this number is calling me.

    4. Caleb says:

      I received several threatening calls from a "brad smith" saying if I ignore his calls that he wishes me good luck seeing another day alive

    5. Jaime says:

      Someday guy from India about yellow pages online

    6. Sonny says:

      Seriously! I got my first call at 8 am on the dot. Vultures!

    7. Saul says:

      Got a voicemail a little before 10am this morning. Credit card consolidation. Spam! And scam!

    8. Myron says:

      I got a call from  person that says his name is Sam Brown and says he is from the US Government Grant Department and I would need to pay 200 to get 7000.00 for a government grant.  he called from 206-201-2754, is this legitimate?

    9. Rusty says:

      Received a text message from this number claiming I won the BestBuy GiftCard worth $1000. The message includes a link to a web page: bestbuyawards dot net. Pretty sure this is a scam.

    10. Al says:

      Congragulations you won Blah Blah phone sales.

    11. Kendrick says:

      I have been receiving the same type of messages for a month now from Sanda McPherson.  I finally called back because it started to worry me that it was someone important because she would just say that she had "an interest in speaking to me."  Yes, it is a legal recruiter who is very unprofessional!

    12. Wes says:

      calls sometimes back to back at least 10 times a day and night no one on phone and can not get thru when you call the number back.

    13. Ricardo says:

      Was saying I have a limited access to then started breaking up and couldn't make out what he was saying.

    14. Bernard says:

      We just received a text message saying "hi" nothing else. May have been a mis-dial.

    15. Dallas says:

      This call came in, but I did not answer it. I did not regonize the number.