813-792 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 813-792-6386
  • 813-792-6387
  • 813-792-6388
  • 813-792-6389
  • 813-792-6390
  • 813-792-6391
  • 813-792-6392
  • 813-792-6393
  • 813-792-6394
  • 813-792-6395
  • 813-792-6396
  • 813-792-6397
  • 813-792-6398
  • 813-792-6399
  • 813-792-6400
  • 813-792-6401
  • 813-792-6402
  • 813-792-6403
  • 813-792-6404
  • 813-792-6405
  • 813-792-6406
  • 813-792-6407
  • 813-792-6408
  • 813-792-6409
  • 813-792-6410
  • 813-792-6411
  • 813-792-6412
  • 813-792-6413
  • 813-792-6414
  • 813-792-6415
  • 813-792-6416

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    1. Enoch says:

      Got the call from 310-134-5678. Came in as  ' California' which was all I can see on the ID. Didn't pick up, they left a message, a female voice just said goodbye.

    2. Rolando says:

      We buy junk cars add ....

    3. Werner says:

      Same here about pictures on hottdate. from Laura.   Also same about wife reading it.    Gonna be a long night!  Gotta go!

    4. Pedro says:

      another number who I've told that Michelle does not own this number anymore

    5. Dominique says:

      Who called from this number

    6. Alvaro says:

      Winner #79922. You won $1000.00 drawingClaim Target gift card today.

    7. Harold says:

      stupid fax machine that someone's not paying proper attention to, and which does not recognize answering machines

    8. Thad says:

      I have received this number; I did not open it yet b/c I figured it was spam - it was fine. I have no idea how they obtained my cell number. I did open one such text and now am getting a virus, ie, ridiculous job ads that attach themselves to all my in-coming texts. Can't figure out how to stop this virus. Please feel free to add any directions on how to stop this.

    9. Reginald says:

      Won a Walmart gift card text

    10. Modesto says:

      These people keep calling but wont leave a message. The called my neighbor -- who happens to be my best friend -- and said they were really worried about me and needed to reach me. But they wouldnt give any details. These people are crooks. Who does that? If I legitimately owe something (which I dont) then just let me know. Yeesh.

    11. Branden says:

      Sorry your message to 347-483-1120 could not be delivered. We attempted to deliver the message 2 times with no answer. Please try again later

    12. Cortez says:

      Sent a message for iPhone 5 "beta" which is a scam.

    13. Cleo says:

      Blocked by the Mr Number app on my Droid. Thank you!!

    14. Reuben says:

      an automated recorder in spanish language

    15. Paul says:

      It is definitely not Verizon. The calls are originating in Maryland. If you are getting these calls from 240-241-7111 and you live in Virginia, report them both to the police and to the phone company with a list of the dates and times they called but no one was on the line.Criminal Code of Virginia:18.2-429 - Causing telephone to ring with intent to annoyAny person who without intent to converse but with intent to annoy any other person, causes any telephone not his own to ring, and any person who permits or condones the use of any telephone under his control for such purpose shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor.