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    1. Max says:

      Plase stop calling me and hanging up

    2. Lino says:

      located on seneca ave near catalpa. ridgwood queens. tis guy is a scam artist. he will hire some one from craigslist and understand he is hiring a man with a van and turn around and pretend he was hiring commercial mover and refuses to pay for service. theft of service is a crime punishable by jail time. I dont think his scam is legit becasue he knew a moving company price was 3 times higher than the cl budget deal. wasted my time gas money and cursed me out after. this guy is a true prick. in the webster dictionary there should be a photo of him next to the word penisbrains/ we have a legit service and offer cl workers only for pt chepa discount . that what he got. Only a scumbag refuses to pay for a service provided especially if its only $50 plus gas!

    3. Tyrell says:

      Received a call. No one was on the line after my answer.

    4. Elbert says:

      annoying amounts of text messages at all times of the day and night

    5. Noe says:

      Keep calling every month prank calling

    6. Wendell says:

      Furniture bill collectors

    7. Weldon says:

      i get texts from this number and hang up calls

    8. Adan says:

      Keeps calln me and no one there

    9. Chung says:

      I wish they stop calling

    10. Nathanial says:

      Keep getting recorded messages phone calls claiming to thank us for participating online surveys that no one in our household took.

    11. Isaac says:

      One call from this number, today. While the number is from King Cty, WA; person speaking is obviously from India or Pak, some kind of proxy call. Said that he was from 'Windows Service Centre'... When I asked for whom he was calling, he started spouting some strange words and noises and then a few cuss words that I DID recognize. I asked if he was born an a**hole or was it a skill that he perfected with much work and practice? Started him to cursing again. Unfortunately, I dropped to his level of language (my bad) and then hung up. Reported this number to my telephone provider. They have had complaints about this group before.Why cannot the telephone provider in WA cut them off? How can one trace the provider, to complain to them?

    12. Jamal says:

      Received call from clown claiming to be from windows IT department indicating that he is receiving error messages.  Talked with him a few minutes and the finally said he wanted to F*** my wife and my daughter!

    13. Ernie says:

      A person calls me from this number frequently. He claims himself as calling from Punjab Insurance. Just annoying.

    14. Salvador says:

      Your computer is about to crash. How do they know !

    15. Tod says:

      This keeps showing up on my phone detail...