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    1. Wilfred says:

      These people keep calling, I am trying to block them. When I tried to explain that I need to get off the list they hang up the phone.

    2. Pablo says:

      I got a call from them yesterday (April 15th) but I didn't answer. They did not leave a message.

    3. Pasquale says:

      Said they was from publishing and started to ask personal information, I ask wht it was for she hung up

    4. Mckinley says:

      This person wont leave me alone

    5. Alex says:

      This number calls my CELL PHONE daily(sometimes 2-3+ times!). I have never heard of them before or have I ever signed up for any baby products. I asked to be removed and guy still kept talking about the products(and this was after I already told him I have no babies or any interest in their products). Then he was asking me if I knew anyone who was interested-lol. I've only had this phone a couple of months and don't give my number out. He claims that I(or a relative) "signed up for their products." I did not. I have never given my cell number to a website(I use my home phone for most important things. My cell is only for those closest to me and my kids school for emergencies.). Why would I sign up for baby products if I don't have any babies?-lol. Anyway, how he obtained my cell number and knew my FULL name when I answered I have no clue. All I know is that this number will be reported for harassment if they continue to call my cell phone.

    6. Gus says:

      Same mesaage as the others....don't have card

    7. Buster says:

      I'm so glad that I blocked them!!!

    8. Franklyn says:

      They didn't speak, just called and hung up, more than once a week.

    9. Barton says:

      this caller calles 3-4 times a day and continues to ask for my elderly husband who is very hard of hearing.  When I ask if there is something I can help him with, the caller (man) hangs up or says he'll call my husband back.

    10. Israel says:

      Answered call, no reply on other end. Grrrr. Go away.

    11. Sherwood says:

      I don't know what it is about 5am text from a scammer that ticks me off, but it will come to me.

    12. Charles says:

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    13. Jeramy says:

      strange call...i did not answer

    14. Norbert says:

      it is a fax machine from a legitimate  insurance company. if you applied for insurance it might be that the company is trying to fax you at 4am (like it did me).  I have my home # hooked up to a fax machine. When a fax # is requested on a form,  use the home #  as a fax. Use my  cell phone for everything else. I looked up the number here, I didnt know my daughter had applied for insurance.

    15. Enoch says:

      I'm being told its Bosley