812-695 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 812-695-6882
  • 812-695-6883
  • 812-695-6884
  • 812-695-6885
  • 812-695-6886
  • 812-695-6887
  • 812-695-6888
  • 812-695-6889
  • 812-695-6890
  • 812-695-6891
  • 812-695-6892
  • 812-695-6893
  • 812-695-6894
  • 812-695-6895
  • 812-695-6896
  • 812-695-6897
  • 812-695-6898
  • 812-695-6899
  • 812-695-6900
  • 812-695-6901
  • 812-695-6902
  • 812-695-6903
  • 812-695-6904
  • 812-695-6905
  • 812-695-6906
  • 812-695-6907
  • 812-695-6908
  • 812-695-6909
  • 812-695-6910
  • 812-695-6911
  • 812-695-6912

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    1. Paris says:

      Keep on calling me and my phone is a business number

    2. Leonard says:

      I am sick and tired of this company calling me. They never stop even though I have ask them to.

    3. Lou says:

      I don't want this person call me or text me any more .

    4. Matthew says:

      She suddenly text me and ask me to leave her bf alone and I don't even know who she is and neither do I know who her bf is.

    5. Thomas says:

      The security system scammers are using a new set of numbers.

    6. Eldon says:

      I just got a call and did not answer. I will put it in as contact and directly to voice mail. If your cell or phone do not have this feature, you may wish to find out... I have HTC Evo from Sprint... If you do not know the number, don't answer... as you can always call back... but before that check on web. DNC list is working? I get tremendous amount of calls... SPAM... yesterday I got a call from 6095686969 sound legit, but was a SPAM so I told her NOT to lie on voice mail, do not call back and hang up.

    7. Dominic says:

      Text saying I won an iphone

    8. Erwin says:

      this number called twice & i answered the second call.

    9. Avery says:

      I received a call from this number a few minutes ago, when I tried to call it back, it went dead...must be junk!

    10. Jospeh says:

      live in LA. got the call from this number two times (last week and today) didn't answer and no voice message left.

    11. Filiberto says:

      This caller has called three times in the last three days, once really early in the morning and once really late at night.  There is dead silence then a wacko political message.  PLEASE help us out here.  WE have been on the do not call list for a long time and re-register annually.

    12. Lavern says:

      I got a text about buying my camera on Kijiji. They wanted me to ship it to them and refused to give me zip ode so I could weigh item and get cost so I think it's a scam as well.

    13. Gilbert says:

      I just got a call from this 2052876895 stating he was some type of authority officer n gave me a case number saying im being investigated for something n he said the last four digits of my social security number i hung up on him n he called rite back dont no who he is but i wish he stop calling me to days date is 12/5/12

    14. Percy says:

      We have been getting hang-up calls several times a week for a few weeks. It doesn't matter who answers the phone. Today I received a call and a man asked for my husband. When asked if I could take a message he said he'd call back at a later time. My husband has gotten calls asking his opinions on political views/job performance but we never noted the number so it might be the same one.

    15. Dan says:

      sounds like a prank caller, but did know my name