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    1. Harris says:

      don't want to talk to the person

    2. Brenton says:

      He wont stop!! This is like the 10th time

    3. Abe says:

      A girl I don't know. Called me twice already. Very annoying.

    4. Alan says:

      I got a call from this number: (240) 206-8441 MD, USA, 2 days ago. The guy said I was selected for a govt. grant of 70,000 dollars. Yeah right. So, I called his bluff and asked him to not call me again. I could hear something in his voice as if it was being altered electronically and some background noise. I cut the call and immediately he called back and kept trying to convince me that he was the real deal but in a loud, aggressive way. He said he could prove it by giving his ID number ( oh, sure an ID number and I can trust that fraudster, ha!). He kept interrupting me and I said that if he was a real rep he would have learn't the first rule while talking to a customer, i.e, do not interrupt a customer mid conversation. I got mad after that and threatened to google this mumber and file a police complaint. Then I cut the call. Today morning I got the call from the same number but I did not pick up.

    5. Brice says:

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    6. Oscar says:

      Some man started talking - saying he was sorry for taking so long to call me back about a credit card that I do not have.

    7. Adrian says:

      located in JERSEY CITY, NJ.

    8. Modesto says:

      it's a spam Colby keep calling me over the stupidest b*******

    9. Horacio says:

      Annoying. "Walmart" spam

    10. Ashley says:

      I got two calls today from 208-403-0112 and they never left a message. Not sure who this is.

    11. Santos says:

      thanks UCLA. stop calling

    12. Vincent says:

      The text said I had an issue with Western Union.

    13. Jae says:

      fake debt collection agency. scam artists

    14. Brock says:

      I received a call and they wanted my electric and gas acct #'s.  Once I did that the operator tried to verify my name and gave me the wrong last name.  I was suspicious and hung up.  Interestingly, she tried to call back and gort our voicemail.  I have 5 minutes of recorded conversation between her, her coworkers and someone who seemed like a supervisor where she describes how she "isn't letting this one go".  I worked to hard and got both account numbers.  When I said the wrong name she got "squirrelly".  I will not do business with these people if they offer me FREE utilities for life.  I am also headed to the BBB as soon as I am done here.

    15. Teddy says:

      Got a text this morning from this number, saying it was "melanie" and she was saying Hi? I knew it was a fake, but i decided to reply. i asked if i knew her. The person said "not really". When asked how she got my number, the person said "stole it". Just thought I should report this.