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    1. Jamey says:

      Got a call from this number this morning. No message left. When i called back phone rang once then disconnected. Anybody know who this is???

    2. Clay says:

      Loud screeching and beeps like a fax machine but WAY louder.

    3. Emmanuel says:

      How can I determine the owner of this telephone number? It has been weeks since it started calling me

    4. Jeff says:

      I don't know who this is they never leave a message

    5. Chung says:

      They r trying to get ur info .. id theft . Ss# etc. Acting like credit company

    6. Grant says:

      it is cartion realastate they keep on calling me wanting me to re buy there pachge again.

    7. Harris says:

      Lower my credit card rates...lol i dont have credit card debts

    8. Trinidad says:

      I received a text. It said, "Hi you've been selected to test and keep the iPhone5 for Free! Confirm Your Spot Right Now at http://offersforusa.com". I did not respond.

    9. Kurtis says:

      Received a call from this number, guy said he was "Rick, from Global",  from the noise in the background it was obviously a call center. He asked for the President of our company as if they were buddies, when I said he wasn't in and offered to take a message, he asked for the cell number, as if he'd misplaced it. I told him he didn't have the cell because he didn't know who he was calling and he said "What's his f**king number, b**ch" and then hung up.

    10. Raymon says:

      Got a call from 310-201-4321. Pre-recorded DirectTV with DVR offer. Pressed "1" to order (yeah, right) and asked if they have a do not call list. Immediately got a hang up. Dialed back the number and rec'd a message that the number was no longer in service. Apparently, some no goodnik is spoofing the phone number.

    11. Garry says:

      calling and texting and harassing me

    12. Jaime says:

      I asked online for a quote for auto transport - these people will NOT stop calling.  I get 10 phone calls a day and I've picked the one I want.  Geesch, getting them to stop calling is impossible.

    13. Kenton says:

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    14. Bryant says:

      Wanting to know if I was interested in earning more money.

    15. Doug says:

      Working with the cops at the Hilton