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    1. Loyd says:

      They call all hours of the day and do not leave a message. They really should.

    2. Roberto says:

      This number I want no connection

    3. Theo says:

      Didn't answer the phone call

    4. Hosea says:

      spam of some sort -- they call and leave no message

    5. Mckinley says:

      If you do not buy from them they will keep calling and hanging up when you or your machine answer. Some days they will call several times a day up to every hour.

    6. Gerard says:

      Note:  SMG used to stand for "Service Management Group", a company which used to produce motherboards for Amiga computers after Commodore Business Machines went belly-up due to deliberate mismanagement by Medhi Ali and Irving Gould.

    7. Jake says:

      I have used this pharmacy before. They offer great prices but when it comes to delivery there is always a problem and the last two times they have told me they can get it re-deliverd asap for an additional

    8. Bryan says:

      Got a call from this number today, didn't leave a message. Have no idea who it is. I didn't call it back.

    9. Blaine says:

      WRONG. I dont know who you talked to but this IS citibank. I went to Citibank and opened an account. I applied for a credit card and this is the number on the application, I call this number a lot to check on my status.

    10. Jon says:

      I received a call from a person who said they worked for Microsoft and that I had threats on my computer. I was actually on my computer when they told me to turn it on. The number was unavailable on the caller id, but I asked them for their number (209-813-2817). I called them back and asked them what their companies name was and they told me IT Solutions based in San Francisco, CA.

    11. Alberto says:

      Did you get a call or text from (310) 495-5205? Called around 5pm didnt say anything and didnt hear anything from them.Do not know anyone from CA and I am so glad that I looked number up and all the comments I read are all very helpful.Thank U

    12. Moises says:

      this number called me and said "OMIGOD" and hung up. Figuring they got disconnected, I called back. They first said they were dunkin donuts, then threatened to call the FBI, and then threatened to call the cops claiming that I was prank-calling THEM! So now I'm scared.

    13. Markus says:

      Rec'ed mutiples calls - latest one 10/14/10!

    14. Marcus says:

      hi this happened to me too...im ANGRY...i wanna find these people!!!

    15. Frankie says:

      Its says fingerhut on ID  answered and they hung up