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    1. Herman says:

      He said to get off his brother's dick

    2. Nolan says:

      516-270-4420....meme message

    3. Rodolfo says:

      I have been getting blank calls from this number.

    4. Filiberto says:

      have reported to do-not-call-list several times- they still keep calling claiming to be a debt collector and ending the message just before giving the "case number" to refer to when returning their call...

    5. Efrain says:

      I do not want to save you just block it from sending text or calls

    6. Luis says:

      Message was in Spanish...

    7. Dave says:

      Yeah! I got this 1 as well! I looked up the info & it turns out to be a Company called Marketing Consulting Service. 415 Odlin Road Bangor Maine

    8. Morton says:

      Yeah he called me too and left a message. No mention of the company name or job title.

    9. Dannie says:


    10. Alphonso says:

      Calls started about 2 days ago they call about 5 times a day and leave a voicemail on the last call. It's always in what seems to be Chinese or some oriental dialect.

    11. Ben says:

      Hello I have been receiving calls from (1-310-361-5679 CMTN CA AKA: The Publishers) is who they say they are I know that is is a scam due to some checking and knowing that there is no such ting as just publishers. I have asked them repetitively to stop calling. This has been going on for about a year or more now and its getting old. the person on the other end of the line changes each time today it was a elderly man who had a hard time hearing He started with the same line as last time " is ********* Home " I sad they were unavailable and to stop calling before I could finish the line was dead. this is ridicules and I hope that no one is falling for their crap story.

    12. Carter says:

      I get a call from them every day that I inquired about school and they have a list of schools to refer me to for a program. I tell them that I started school already 5 months ago and when I ask them to take me off their list they hang up on me. Then call again the next day. Now I just ignore the call.

    13. Brenton says:

      This "caller" is becoming increasingly annoying..There is NO ONE on the line. We get at least 2 calls a day.

    14. German says:

      Colorado Dept of Child Support

    15. Fabian says:

      Trying to sell home protection services