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    1. Rene says:

      i also received an identical call from Mark, stating that he was at Microsoft and my computer was "hooked up to their server". I too had my computer fixed at Geek Squad.

    2. Gene says:

      says a friend sent a hot deal go to autosavingsfinder and enter promo code. SPAM. I dont even have friends!

    3. Nicky says:

      I did a little research and found some person by the name of Toby Brown with with the number 383-4296 keeps calling every once in a while, but hangs up when I answer the phone.

    4. Samuel says:

      This person has been textin me explicit conversations. I did not give them my number and i do not know who it is

    5. Renaldo says:

      I have gotten several calls from this number and each time I answer nothing happens for 30 seconds until I hear a computerized voice say "goodbye" But today there was some guy with an accent on the other line that hung up quickly when I asked who he was. This is some kind of scam be careful!

    6. Oliver says:

      They've called several times, but no one is there when I pick up.

    7. Rosario says:

      This person keeps calling, even though, we explained we just got this number and the person es he is looking for does not have this number nor do we have any idea who they are looking.

    8. Seymour says:

      ????? WHOSE NUMBER  IS THIS ?

    9. Theron says:

      I just got the same e-mail I thought it sounded fishy myself. I looked it up with google and found you guys posting about this person. Why is criegslist still posting this man?

    10. Hector says:

      I keep getting a text from this number that says, "ACCOUNTABILITY U GOOD", and " ACCOUNTABILITY HIT ME BACK IF U GOOD".  The first message was sent at 10:57 am on Dec. 20th 2010.  The second message was sent at 9:25 am on Dec. 29th 2010.  I do not recognize this number, but do not respond incase thats what they are wanting me to do.

    11. Kendall says:

      Yes and stay quiet, but you can hear noise in the back...wierd

    12. Eddie says:

      Thanks for the info.  I am filing a complaint.

    13. Irving says:

      sup! you just called.. ya sup!

    14. Maurice says:

      Call on both Cells in our house 11-24-13.

    15. Nicky says:

      This is Protect America. I called them one time just to ask a question about their services. They keep calling me late at night and in the morning.