805-527 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Neil says:

      Got a call from thhis number, I did not recognize it, it went to VM, no message.  I see it is from Time Warner.  Interesting, where I live, Time Warner does not offer service

    2. Jim says:

      i got a text wanting to purchase a item from me and he wants me to set up a Paypal account. i said no you can pay with cash. very hard to understand when he calls me. i just hung up..

    3. Solomon says:

      unknown person keep callin

    4. Mervin says:

      Repeatedly calling our number, asking for someone not at home, will not leave message, at times not answering when phone is picked up

    5. Whitney says:

      Dont want it calling me and making many questions

    6. Chung says:

      World Financial (Victoria Secret)

    7. Doug says:

      just will not leave me alone

    8. Don says:

      Thats a red flag.  You do not want to get scammed by these people.  Its a bunch of guys trying to get a legal fee out of you (3 dollars but they will charge your card far more) for a federal grant and trust me, they do not work for the government.

    9. Otto says:

      A company trying to sell security systems with free installation and want to see if I qualify.

    10. Dwayne says:

      It is a computer call for a auto insurance company.  It is a sales call

    11. Kory says:

      Answered and caller just played music; real loners in Florida!

    12. Oscar says:

      This person name is unknown and they keep harassing me

    13. Eli says:

      Person wants bare blow job and unprotected sex may possibly be infected. Please be aware

    14. Isaias says:

      I received appx 8 texts from this number threatening physical harm to me and harrassing me with verbal slander. I have no idea who this person is. I know its a female because I called the # back and she answered. I am frightened for my life!! I need to know the name of this person so that I can give to my attorney Mr. Jeffery P. Medler. Please help me!! My name is Amanda Moore and you can contact me at 314-540-9096 or email me at horizonballoons@hotmail.com. I would appreciate your assistance in this matter asap!!

    15. Moses says:

      Johnny. Bankrupt and broke. A livin bum.