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    1. David says:

      Someone offering a free 100 gift card

    2. Damion says:

      Woodforest Bank, collection agency that harasses you if you dont make a payment? Lady has called me twice and has demanded money or a lawsuit would be brought against me within 48 hours if I did not pay!! When I told her that  I would rather talk to an actula WF Banker she says youre a grown women and need to pay your bills and you are wasting time.

    3. Titus says:

      This man contacted me as well with the number: 8052837115 (california) He said that he wanted to buy the car for his son immediately and that he was from Syracuse, NY. I immediatey thought this smells fishy and after seeing your comments being exactly like mines, my ssumption was correct. dam Scammers!!

    4. Ramiro says:

      They just called me. Did not leave any voice message.

    5. Warner says:

      4-5 texts over two years asking for a woman all but one, and the other was asking about an air force Sargent (provided the Sargent's full name).

    6. Bradford says:

      this number cALLED ME TODAY AN said i was selected by the government to receive7000 for paying bills on time. but i had to send 350 through western union first. I'm wtf do i have to send money to the government if its free..its a scam. they gave me a number and confirmation code to call ryan smith

    7. Dewayne says:

      Caller ID says, "Broadvox LLC". Google says, "Broadvox provides SIP Trunking solutions for businesses with existing IP PBX ... "

    8. Stanford says:

      every several days receive this call. Again, no response. WIll list it as blocked from now on.

    9. Gale says:

      This number (person) wont stop texting me or stop calling me

    10. Duncan says:

      I own Wally Woods LLC and these people have a weird computerized system that asks for "Llc wailie woods"...

    11. Jere says:

      3:43AM PDT unknown caller from this number, rolled to voicemail.

    12. Irvin says:

      They said sergeo this is Jackie with little boxes after. It didn't make sense.

    13. Salvatore says:

      I got the same phone call and will also make the sme phone call as well.

    14. Pedro says:

      These people are relentless and rude.  They actually called my office.  They are attorneys and perhaps there is a class action law suit for harassment that needs to be file.d

    15. Gonzalo says:

      Received a call from this same number.  Said his name was "Steve" and he was calling from the Delta Company.  I told him the owner was on another line and could I take a message.  He said that he would just call back at a later time and then hung up.