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    1. Forest says:

      Keeps calling and when I pick up I just get a beep and it hangs up!

    2. Efren says:

      Called my phone but they never said a word!

    3. Antione says:

      no name or info on caller ID, did not leave a message.

    4. Gavin says:

      How did you get My number and why did you text my phone at 4:46am thanks.

    5. Carter says:

      I have gotten many calls from these people.  You know it is a scam because businesses do not operate

    6. Ted says:

      Constant harrassment. Viagra sales. I want to kill these jerks. I have received over 150 calls over the last couple months. Please help.

    7. Lewis says:

      4:30AM..... registered as land line.  I did call back several times....During regular work hours.... which I blocked my number prior to calling and they answered once... and was trying to call out.... I kept saying hello......and I got nothing but a click.  Mostly same as the rest of the post above.... I'm just going to add this to my block list.

    8. Bryan says:

      I was bill for two calls to this number, I do not know any one at this number

    9. Lewis says:

      Got random text from this number in the middle of night saying "What's up?" Responded asking who it was, they replied "Justin". I know a Justin so I asked who's phone they are using to which they replied "Who is this?" I responded saying "what do you mean who is this, you said you were Justin right?" They responded with "How old are you?" and "Send me a pic" twice. I replied with "Nope" I called the number, first time no one answered and said voice mail wasn't set up, second time a man answered, I hung up. Afterwards got a text saying, ". Fake"

    10. Chadwick says:

      Excellent Bail Bonds Los Angeles

    11. Austin says:

      You don't get arrested for a debt. Ever! You will hear a lot of BS when talking to a collector. It all boils down to one thing. If you don't have written proof of a collectors claim, DON'T pay it!

    12. Gerald says:

      Please stop sending sms to the above mentioned number.

    13. Cedrick says:

      they have been calling every few hours - politly ask for me by name (Muffled) then hang up

    14. Santos says:

      These people keep on calling - mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends. As the guy above said - getting abusive with them makes no difference, they just keep right on. I have a phone from Virgin with no caller display so I have to either disregard any calls coming in or risk it being the fraudsters. They announce themselves to me as Santander Card or sometimes as Asda Banking. They sometimes ask for a Mary Doherty (unknown person). I don't know how to make them stop and have just about given up answering my phone.

    15. Aubrey says:

      calls my work phone and doesn't leave a message