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    1. Lawrence says:

      This number has been calling everyday. Today 11 times in the last 3 hours. My phone verbally announces who is calling. If I don't recognize the number I let my answering machine pick up. My machine says "Hi, I don't answer the phone unless I know who is calling. Please say your name, if I'm here I will pick-up if not please leave a message". This number always hangs up.

    2. Randell says:

      These idiots called our business this Saturdy morning but there was no one on the other end when the phone was answered. This is the 5th phone call I've logged from this number since January and EVERY one of the calls have been a disconnect. I'd call it 'stupid' but the word does not convey the depths of my disgust and annoyance. Caller ID always says "Indiana."

    3. Alvin says:

      Got a call from them but as with all of these jokers with no ID's I never answer but noting it here since everyone else has been getting calls from the same loser.

    4. Alberto says:

      I got phone calls from this number and they hang up! I can't even call back because there is "no such number".

    5. Albert says:

      Asked to eatu pussy I'm only 13

    6. Edwardo says:

      I haven't answered but they call me more then once everyday.

    7. Gerald says:

      Since when does the irs have a 301 area code. What idiots we're dealing with. Keep on your toes! Always check out a company with the BBB before signing anything.

    8. Bart says:

      Couldn't understand themi

    9. Mel says:

      this number has been calling and threating my family. i want it to stop & i want it reported

    10. Jeff says:

      get a call or two from this number to my mp each week. My mp # is only known by 1 person and it is not them. I have never answered and cannot find anything too scathing about this number online. Still, the calls are unknown and unwanted.

    11. Sherwood says:

      Call morning noon and nite, ask them to stop they won't

    12. Marcellus says:

      This number keeps calling me. Most of the time will not leave a message. When they do, the message is either unintelligible or threatening.

    13. Reed says:

      They made me feel uncomfortable.

    14. Derrick says:

      Just saw a call from this number on my caller ID.  Weird one.  Searched the area code decoder and found NO MATCHES!!  That's odd.  The closest search I found was a London, England number.  Hmmmmmmm...

    15. Brett says:

      Dish promotions. Its a telemarkter.