802-684 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Eloy says:

      they have called 2x and then hung up. i called it back and it wouldnt go through.

    2. Lester says:

      Caller identified himself as Mike, an auto insurance agent from Farmer's. I had not solicited any information from them and was asleep at the time of the call (I work nights.) I hung up on him. He immediately called back, I forwarded the call to voice mail, which earned me a nasty message calling me foolish and immature for hanging up, and further stating I had alot to learn about this world. He had threatening undertones and a "you need to learn a lesson" attitude.

    3. Antwan says:

      Something about granting a loan

    4. Ronny says:

      Loacted in us as no name and had multiple calls all recorded voices

    5. Joaquin says:

      Robo Call. Selling medical alert system for seniors. I, too, am on the DO NOT CALL list. This is my second robo call of the day.

    6. Keneth says:

      AT&T MSG: As part of AT&T's loyalty program You may register for a FREE Apple Ipad3 Go To Apple0ffers.com To Claim yours today!!

    7. Jaime says:

      I need to know the name of the person that keeps calling from this phone, I beleve that the first name is Kari, what is the last name? They live in the Bemidji Mn or Shevlin Mn area

    8. Art says:

      it's someone from indiana tech. i got put on their call list somehow... now hey call all the time and they don't take no for an answer and are annoying. i've gotten like 17 calls from them.

    9. Lenard says:

      i asked them who they are calling they hung up on me....lol   yet  want my business?

    10. Moses says:


    11. Francesco says:

      A voice mail was left on my phone today, sounded like a conversation between 4 people, further sounded like a woment crying saying "don't kill my family" and another voice saying "old Tahoe blood everywhere".  Conversation was 2 men and possibly 2 women.  We tried calling it back wanted a code word.

    12. Johnathan says:

      Automated message stating I need to press 1 to confirm identity of myself. My caller ID says its a New Jersey number. I didn't respond, just hung up.

    13. Ernesto says:

      He claimed to be Farmers Insurance agent and would like to give me low cost quote. Asked for my BOD and address, I gave fake one as I am not comfortable to give the real one. When I called back, I got message says "Boulder Calls, Press 2 to be placed on the Do Not Call list". What is this?

    14. Fidel says:

      I just got a get rich in 3 min.ago and I do not link so so do not call me no more ..... I need my money too

    15. Val says:

      does anyone have any info on what collection agency this is?  they're very threatening with their messages and they call 10+ per day!