802-527 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 802-527-5736
  • 802-527-5737
  • 802-527-5738
  • 802-527-5739
  • 802-527-5740
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  • 802-527-5742
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    1. Cletus says:

      Call to cell phone too. Can't call them back either. Seems scandalous

    2. Delbert says:

      You are likely to find the calls are placed by a commercial fundraiser, such as Associated Community Services, Dial America, Donor Care Center, Donor Services Group, Harris Direct, Horizon Marketing, InfoCision, Insight Teleservices, MDS, and TeleFund. As commercial entities, these hired call ...

    3. Julio says:

      Got the same text from "Patriot Mortgage." I called them and hm, all of their agents are busy!

    4. Isidro says:

      Claimed to be with Master Card and became irate when I requested their information and mentioned that they sound like frauds.  They had my SSN.

    5. Elbert says:

      Automated call saying they are Chino Credit Union and your debit card has been deactivated due to security reasons. To activate, press "1". I don't have an account with Chino Credit Union. I have gotten this call every night around the same time 5 pm to 6 pm. Same voice on the message.

    6. Alvin says:

      I'd  drop by landline phone i a second, if my service provider would drop my monthly communications charges  more than $5.00.  I have a bungled  package with  Insight and although they charge me $25.00/month for phone usage, they only drop the monthly charges by $5.00 if I drop the phone line.  What a racket!

    7. Sammy says:

      I have received multiple calls grin this number and no one ever says anything. When I can it back it says the circuits are busy try again. It's a Washington number.

    8. Joseph says:

      Spam!! Continuous harassment.

    9. Palmer says:

      do not answer to this number,it is a hacker,2564814040

    10. Josue says:

      This is a call center number for OMNI Financial. If you answer, the call center person transfers to a sales rep. I had a good experience initially with the rep, but on follow up told him that further calls would waste both our time. I have had numerous calls since, but blocked the number. Calls have been mid-day until this morning when they called before 7am. I left a message asking to be taken off their list and got another call at 8am. I called back and got connected to another rep who repeatedly ignored my request to be removed from their call list and continued to try to sell their service to me. When I finally got angry and threatened to register complaints, he said he was required to try to sell to me and said he would take me off their list. I'm not a believer yet. I would not do business with OMNI financial. Their tactics are high pressure and predatory.

    11. Carlos says:

      Scam caller. No message this time. Waste of space.

    12. Malcolm says:

      Got a scam text saying your bansorpsouth bank card has been deactivated. to activate call 3122241636

    13. Curt says:

      Wanted to buy a car from me sight unseen by using paypal account and having a shipping company pick the car up.

    14. Clifton says:

      Answered this local call but they hung up. ???

    15. Tyree says:

      Received 2 phone calls from this number within 2 minutes of each other but did not answer either call (CID) because the area code looked weird or suspicious.