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    1. Darrel says:

      u not welcome in my life

    2. Dusty says:

      Have received numerous calls from this # and they never leave a mesage..I did once answered it and ni

    3. Laverne says:

      A guy called us to verify our mailing address to send us technical support information. Second call this week. Told him he must have the wrong number, and we didn't know what he was talking about. As always, I told him to take us off their list.

    4. Michal says:

      started texting me around 1am asking me to come over. pulled my number off business website. this lady knows i am a happy married man. think she was on drugs. laughed, joked with her for a few and blocked her number.

    5. Nicholas says:

      Also received a call from this number.  Left no message and when called back, hung up.

    6. Gil says:

      Doesn't pick up phone when called back any time of the day. Says nothing when he called the first time..

    7. Erasmo says:

      I have no idea who this is. Number appeared in my phonebook!!!

    8. Nicolas says:

      Spam, telemarketing number; (recording) supposedly calling from my credit account center, offering to lower my mortgage payments and interest rate.

    9. Gerald says:

      I have received numerous calls. Spam indeed.

    10. Ricardo says:

      I am so sick of getting calls from this number. First of all, Robo calls from unknown businesses to people on the Do Not Call list is against the law (FCC Rules & Regul.) but they continue to bombard people with fake offers to "lower your interest rates" yet they won't tell you their company name or what credit card they are calling about. They just hope to get some fool on the line who will give them their credit card number and all the information so they can rob them blind by ordering stuff on the internet and elsewhere using that card no. Please, people, don't fall for it. Hang up immediately.

    11. Hosea says:

      Call many times never leave message and get nothing when try to call it back.

    12. Santos says:

      They said nothing just Hung up

    13. Wendell says:

      "Matt" knows my name and tells me how to make $60/hr from home and gives a website...obviously spam

    14. Michael says:

      I am getting calls for the last 2 weeks from this number to my Spanish phone number. No idea why.

    15. Rudy says:

      "You are not approved to call this number"