785-945 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Deon says:

      Yup, just received a call from this number, googled it, and found this website. Called back and it's out of service. B*****ds.

    2. Malcom says:

      Askn if u need legal help..

    3. Mervin says:

      I do not want any contact with this number

    4. Lawerence says:

      A male voice who identifies himself as "Carlos" is calling my two sisters, one in California and one in Texas, attempting to offer them a business deal. He says he has a "business proposition" for them. They do not know him or recognize his voice. He also has been sending emails to the one that lives in California, so she believes her email has been compromised, since he recently called our sister in Texas from 323-215-1229.

    5. Jessie says:

      As soon as I get a call from a # like this I block them on my phone. What is our guverment doing to stop the anoying tac-tics call you're MP maybe they will do something if they want to keep there seat.

    6. Dwain says:

      got a call from some jack*** saying his name was "kurt Wagner" and that me or my attorney better call hime back or all he could tell me was...."good luck" called the number back and told him I work closely with the TSA and did he know that sending threatening  phone calls interstate was a felony offense? He immediately hung up. These jokers are scam artists.

    7. Basil says:

      Call from Bright Now Dental. Apparently I still have some unused benefits. They want to take more teeth out.

    8. Denis says:

      Its a scam.  You didn't win anything.

    9. Korey says:

      Automated message, says need financial information

    10. Ralph says:

      VERY RUDE and seemed incompetent. Nasty attitude and hung up on me when i told him the 'owner' he asked for hadn't worked here for five years. Tried to give him our corporate phone number to call and he kept saying, okay so I just call "3-0-9" and i gave him the ten digit phone number again. Seemed not quite with it....

    11. Johnathan says:

      u can stop tryin to play me now

    12. Lloyd says:

      Yes, contact an attorney. I sure told them do what what youneed to i will be getting an attorney to handle this!

    13. Ian says:

      i got a hang up after I answered the call...

    14. Morris says:

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    15. Curtis says:

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