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    1. Jeramy says:

      can you say annoying. 8 calls in 3 hours came up as unknown. The 9 call cam is as this number. No left messages except for one where I think they forgot to hang up.

    2. Jean says:

      harrassing phone calls back to back several times a day claim to bring cases against you. Collecting for Worldwide Financial

    3. Shelby says:

      Wow! Just recieved a call from this number sitting here at my computer so I put it in my search engine because I didn't answer it. Came up Rover and number on my id. Glad I searched it! I usually don't answer numbers I don't know anyway but so tired of having so many call throughout the day. They are so annoying. Thank God for caller id!

    4. Justin says:

      They got my number from the internet and they are calling from a collage am not interseted but they won't stop calling me.

    5. Edmond says:

      don't bother at all with this number - at all. never. go elsewhere and have a nicer day.

    6. Jerald says:

      unable to ID caller. Internet has lots of complaints

    7. Isidro says:

      Umm I got the text and where do I type "BETA"??

    8. Benito says:

      Typical telemarketer.Told to remove me from list and they hung up.

    9. Gabriel says:

      Hung up, called back and didn't leave message on 1/4/2010

    10. Dewey says:

      Just had the same thing happen to me.

    11. Donnell says:

      received call asking for BorgWarner

    12. Chas says:

      This guy  calls 5-7 times in a row every time if I don't answer . He threatens me saying that he has a case against me and I will have only one opportunity to fix it. He should be showing up to my work sometime today!!! Only a scammer would use these tactics to commit fraud.

    13. Casey says:

      A man with very poor English, called and said he was from microsoft, and needed to help me right away with my computer.  It's a scam, my computer wasn't even turned on.

    14. Raul says:

      someone called from 404-994-5962 , asked for me by name & confirmed that I was the business owner and then told me that a man named Ray Thomas from Global Resources was in the area and wanted to meet with me. He would never tell me why, so  we went back & forth for 15 min. He wanted me to meet him at 8:30am the next day but would never give me a legitimate l reason why I should take time out of my busy day to find out what he was trying to sell. He had an old address on me and insisted that it would be well worth my time to meet him there , so I said I would be at work around 8am & he could stop by anytime between then & lunch. I did not lie... he just doesnt know where I work...lol  The address he had is a wooded lot in the middle of nowhere, on a dirt road, good luck on the wild goose chase...lol

    15. Leif says:

      I got a call from this Robert Goffee guy from RNO Associates wanting me to come in for an Interview. I ve googled everything about the company and cant find anything about it. I m sure its a scam just like all the others when they say come 10 min early and ask only for me and you 'll be here about 90 minutes.