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    1. Kelly says:

      Got this same out of area call, twice!  First time my husband answered, could not understand heavy accent.  Second time I answered and tried... This person wanted me to go into my computer so that he could delete viruses from my computer.  He said Windows had been receiving error messages from my computer that were potentially dangerous.  I said I wouldn't do this for someone over the phone.  He said he would refer me to a website so that I would see this was legitimate.  I told him I didn't believe that Windows would fix a potential problem in this manner.  He said, Please, let me help you with this.  This is very serious problem.  I said no thank you and hung.  Please be aware, folks.  Never trust people over the phone with any personal information.

    2. Dudley says:

      I called back....some company called diversified consultants....nonsense

    3. Terrance says:

      Received call at 11:16am and left no message

    4. Emmanuel says:

      They wont stop calling n I already told them I dont want to buy anything!!!!

    5. Emmitt says:

      telemarketing no. sirve y da mucha guerra

    6. Byron says:

      Got a text from this number claiming that I had won a $500 Best Buy gift card. Contained a bit.ly shortened url that ultimately led to the domain bestbuyrewards.IN, not an actual Best Buy website.

    7. Shirley says:

      Has called multiple times this week.. and it's only Tuesday. Has never left a msg

    8. Wes says:

      Won't say who they are but it's not the number of the person Tate that is listed

    9. Elias says:

      Said they will sue you and that you have to get an attorney. Dont fall for it, its a fraud company. Last year they made over 5.2 million by getting people to pay money they dont owe. Spam spam spam. Ignoring it and block it.

    10. Harvey says:

      A hot girl named Tina used to have this number. Does anyone know her current #? She moved to FL, I think.

    11. Ralph says:

      Something about wanting to go on a cruise

    12. Johnathan says:

      Still my comment is here i see! This # calls my cell most everyday, NO MATTER WHAT THE TIME IS!!

    13. Kevin says:

      251-269-6930 was the number. I got a text message from this number saying, Hey Jenny, not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But www.smoke12.com is giving away free e-cig trials-Frank

    14. Ernest says:

      I don't know them and they keep texting me

    15. Doug says:

      Prerecorded message about lowering credit card rates. If you push a number to talk to a human and ask to be taken off their phone list, they hang up on you. They call my house every day. So annoying!