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    1. Benito says:

      this number the person is harrassing me

    2. Rodney says:

      It's UTILITY. I must have filled in info on a motorcycle msg board...I think I entered a raffle online. These people don't stop. 4 to 8 calls a day. Never a msg just non stop calling.

    3. Dannie says:

      Political opinions of America said I had been selected to participate in a...And I simply hung up.

    4. Patricia says:

      130.oo for Misc. bills. and Missed eye care

    5. Donnie says:

      dnt call wen da ppl around

    6. Connie says:

      This number keeps calling me on my office phone, and they do not leave any voicemails. I've done a *67 callback to see what their outgoing message is, and I cannot understand the person on their voicemail. They are calling multiple times per day. NOT COOL!

    7. Gail says:

      When I picked up a machine told me I had won a cruise in a raffle and please hold. When I got connected with a person they asked who they were speaking to, then hung up *immediately* upon hearing my first name...

    8. Stephan says:

      Filled out online job app. an telemarketers begin calling. Have avoided that # 3 times today.

    9. Dwight says:

      received only one call from them, let it go to VM and they didn't leave a msg. Called the number back and found it was WCA subscriber services--whatever that is.

    10. Armando says:

      Said I was going to be arrested

    11. Garry says:

      Have been getting calls from this number. Leaves no message.

    12. Lindsay says:

      I have had this same thing going on for 2 weeks now.. calling my job about 50 times a day.  if you have this happening please contact your local police, IC3 with the FBI internet crimes division, the ftc and the banking commission in your state.  this is happening to a ton of people in the country and i am lucky that i work at a state agency that is helping me file reports with the proper auth. take it as a lesson learned.  i will never do anything online again that involves my personal information.  also they ask you to get a prepaid visa card to pay the so-called debt that i know i do not owe.  good luck everyone.

    13. Duane says:

      3 calls today from this number, I answered none but it's annoying to keep seeing this number on my cell phone. Makes me hate Michigan even more now.

    14. Perry says:

      same thing just happened to me. Michelle Lewis called for me but i couldnt understand a word she was saying. i called the better business beraeu and they said they cant do anything unless if they have an address. i tried calling them back but it was no use. they hang up on me. so for the next victim they choose act like you believe what they are saying and say you will send a money order to them but you need there address. good luck. these a***oles need to go down. trying to scam people. go back to whatever country you came from cuz americans arent as stupid as you think. i hope you scammers get caught and put in jail. :)

    15. Margarito says:

      Same deal. A lot of static on the line. He spoke fast and confirmed my name. Without explaining anything, he mentioned this is about a credit card transaction for medication. Then he hung up. Nobody answers when I call back.