770-989 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Lucien says:

      They have harrassed me and my employer. Threatened to sue me and my employer over a bogus loan I never have heard of. Called me an a***ole and a infadel dog. Called me and my employer 25 times in 5 hours.

    2. Antone says:

      I get atleast 4 or 5 calls from this number on a daily basis. I will not answer nor will they leave a message. However, I figured it was some sought of spam call. How do I block this number from calling my cell phone without me having to pay a blocking fee with my carrier?

    3. Hilario says:

      Oh, they left a vm but spoke sooo fast, that it wa s like listening to an auctioneer. Hey , I believe a lot of these type scammers are simply mixing up the area codes they call from to try and get u to answer. Be carefull answering calls from strange area codes.

    4. Ambrose says:

      Got this text: VIPStockPicks is opening its doors to the public! The 1st 777 users that enter code 777 at http://vipstockpicks.mobi will receive real-time penny stock alerts! (really want to know how they got my number?!)

    5. Kirk says:

      Just received a call from this number. Started speaking spanish and I just hung up. Friend of mine has a number that is one digit different then mine and they had the same thing happen to them. Weird.

    6. Tyrell says:

      I had the same thing happened to me. It said Hey u! It's me, Jen...msg me at

    7. Damien says:

      they said that if i knew them? but they wont tell me

    8. Porfirio says:

      I don't know who called me or why, I didn't pick up the phone.  Caller ID reads "PPP".

    9. Vance says:

      I continuously get a call from this number and they never leave a message.  Ridiculous

    10. Rory says:

      This is a scam. If you press a number it bills your cell phone. Just hang up. This was talked about on a consumer protection website

    11. Alberto says:

      take off the block text message n calls

    12. Dewey says:

      I got a call saying I was a winner for something and told the girl not to call the number back I was not interested. She called 4 times after that and wouldn't say anything.

    13. Adan says:

      Asked me about if I wanted home insurance

    14. Nick says:

      My husband and I both received calls from this number we are both in Louisville and have two different cell #'s and providers (a work phone for him, a cell for me). No VM, just two rings.

    15. Taylor says:

      what was your deposit fee upfront..$149.00 sent to a carol mosoff in culver city.  After I sent that they wanted $699.99 more to get the promised grant out.