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    1. Augustine says:

      I recieved a call frone a william Johnson at my office for one of my employees, he said he was from state financial crime investigation dept 206-237-0048, the man has an indian accent which alerted me when he said his name was william johnson. I refused to give him any information on my employee and he got rude with me saying she was under investigation with her name and social security #. so I hung up on him and called my employee right away and when she called him the man insisted on her giving him her social security #...that alerted her it was a scam

    2. Harlan says:

      Has anyone received a call from 124-214-2817 ?

    3. Santos says:

      Didn't anwser left an vm...saying I could earn $1500 cash everyweek

    4. Roosevelt says:

      called and hung up after i did not answer

    5. Alphonse says:

      I basically threatened them with a lawsuit when they finally got on the phone after 2 days of non-stop calls.  Screamed like hell.  They haven't called since.

    6. Willian says:

      They called me last night asking about a former neighbor.  I told them she didn't live there anymore because she had been foreclosed.  They asked me if I knew how to get in touch with the person and I told them no.  That was it.

    7. Carlos says:

      yess she wount stop calling

    8. Alejandro says:

      i recieved a call from this number no one spoke after 13 secs it got cut off

    9. Jake says:

      m8bQGh <a href="http://jmdzmactqypa.com/">jmdzmactqypa</a>

    10. Bryon says:

      If this really is Citibank then why are they calling me? I don't have Citibank. I have chase. Never had Citibank.

    11. Billy says:

      This number 3142311575 calls me day in day out, a day never goes by without this # calling, when I call back an automated recording picks up! They never leave a message and when I do pick up the line stays silent!

    12. Paul says:

      5am called about add on CL

    13. Randall says:

      Got call @ 7:30am CST (LA was 5:30am) person identified himself as from Fedral Gaming Commission--asked if the Commission was for Hunting or Games for Sweepstakes and he stated was for both. Told me won 450,000.00 and would be @ the confort of my home from Lloyds of London.  I asked how I did that as am not a Hunter and only join Sweepstakes that con be verified.....Of Course, lost the call..please be careful.....

    14. Werner says:

      I received a call this morning from this number. This isn't the first time. I updated my monster profile last night and it figures they would call this morning. It happened when I first set it up. Its Bankers Casualty something..its a scam. They want to set up an interview. Do NOT do this. If they call again I'm going to block the number and find where I can report it.

    15. Darron says:

      these types of messages are being sent to a 82 year old grandmother