765-606 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Darron says:

      Hung up after I answered. Probably telemarketers testing if the number works.

    2. Booker says:

      This Is a scam they stole over 300 dollars from don't listen to anything they say they hacked into a banks loan page and called me claiming they were from Bank America. We called Bank America and they called the number and the guy all the sudden can't speak English and was saying it was a home phone. They blocked my number and told me to F* off the last conversation I had with them don't believe anything this man says.

    3. Cornell says:

      Text only, did not share name. Text message to schedule showing appointment re property listing

    4. Walton says:

      They said that the government was going to make it easier for us to pay our loan, they gave me a number which i don't even know and said "If you are not interrested in refinancing your loan press 9" which I did.They said something else which I did not catch because I hung up. They cannot use our number to call TimBokToo because we do NOT have long distance service.

    5. Randolph says:

      Robo-Call from Lisa wanting to reduce my interest rates.

    6. Quintin says:

      Call 5 or 6 times a day!!! Never leave a message

    7. Del says:

      This number replied by text to a Craigslist item I listed in the WANTED section. It was an attempt to get me to download a bogus pic viewer from a bogus website in order to send a virus to my phone and/or PC. I am able to send texts back to the number, but if I try to call I am prompted that the number is not a working number. Good luck w the next guy @$$#%/&.

    8. Chase says:

      Gulfcoast readers...trying to sell magazines

    9. Vito says:

      This Guy was rude!! I know my husbands disability rights. By law they have to set a payment plan and not ask for a.payment that minute. He also was rude about me having a disabled vet and autistic child. Wanted d know how and why I rather take care of them instead of debts. This "collection law.office" has very rude ppl working there that talk down to ppl and belittle them for money.

    10. Donte says:

      Someone called 6 times in a row asking for our owner and was very rude each time. He was told to not call us again.

    11. King says:

      Spam, some random person saying they added pictures to some unknown, obscure website.

    12. Gino says:

      Disturb regularly. Please give me a relief

    13. Dennis says:

      this number called my phione wat way to much

    14. Dwight says:

      Michael Lutz. .No message called 7 times!!

    15. Donn says:

      I am so fed up with getting calls from all these stupid numbers. Compare all the nummbers you have been receiving: 270-566-3846, 973-210-7616, 410-908-8462, 606-312-9588....I honestly believe they are calling from some information we may have given to obtain information for grants/scholorships....I visited info from University of Phoenix and ever since then this crap hasn't stopped. I have been blocking these numbers from calling but I think after awhile they catch on and call you from different numbers....I hate this...../this is harassment. Especially in your own home!!!!! I wish I knew a way to get these numbers investigated so they go to prision. DO NOT give them any information. Try to not even answer the phone!!!! Ridiculous!!!