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    1. Lemuel says:

      The Caller ID lists Compu Credit.  They are calling for someone else in the household who is not available during the day.  They illegally told me they were calling about a debt even though I'm a third party.

    2. Darell says:

      Calls way to much ..for a client

    3. Enoch says:

      What are the ways to stop spam calls?

    4. Earnest says:

      i am on a do not call list yet these calls keep getting through. what's the problem here???? as most of you i don't answer these calls. if i ever do i will tell them how would you know my computer is infected if i don't have one. it's not their business what's in my house.

    5. Napoleon says:

      These butt-wipes called our company YET AGAIN. And, once again, there was no one on the other end. I called the # from my private phone, got a weird musical tone and a message saying someone would be with me shortly, then a woman with an indeterminate accent answered saying, "Thank you for calling me back." I told her I wanted to know why our company keeps getting repeated phone calls from them and there's never anyone on the other end. She apologized - and then hung up! I never even had a chance to ask what 'company' she was calling from. What a bunch of used butt-wipes!

    6. Shaun says:

      I received a text asking the condition of a pellet gun I was selling.  This person said they sent the payment. They continue to text asking me to check spam and email.  I told them that I deal directly through Paypal and not through email.  I asked them to send me a message via my email to confirm and they don't even respond to it. They then send another text asking me to check email and spam.  My Paypal notifications never go to spam.  And I rely on Paypal, not the email notifications, to tell me when I have received money.  So, obviously something not right here.  If this number texts you IGNORE IT.  If he sends me a fake confirmation, I will copy it and send to Paypal fraud division.

    7. Jamaal says:

      For weeks, i have gotten a call from this number. i have never answered it but keeps calling my home number.

    8. Del says:

      recieved text from dran240@v1sa.net "Authorization reguired by VISA call 347-8538-989" Chase says it's a scam report to abuse@chase.com

    9. Robt says:

      always calling and trying to sell me stuff

    10. Antone says:

      I received a text message saying "Loser".

    11. Bradley says:

      Rec'd call but no message.

    12. Dominique says:

      I have looked into new health insurance recently and have received one call from somebody at an insurance company.  During the call, I gave him some limited information on my wife's health insurance needs and was put on hold.  Then the call dropped.  I have received several calls from the same number but nobody is on the line.  The line is busy when I try to call it back.

    13. Chang says:

      May be spam, I tried to act interested in what they where calling about ( "hispanic voter registration") and they hung up in me because I wasn't the person they asked for when I first picked up. Weird...

    14. Gerard says:

      torrie osborns campaign.

    15. Domingo says:

      I have received this number; I did not open it yet b/c I figured it was spam - it was fine. I have no idea how they obtained my cell number. I did open one such text and now am getting a virus, ie, ridiculous job ads that attach themselves to all my in-coming texts. Can't figure out how to stop this virus. Please feel free to add any directions on how to stop this.