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    1. Garland says:

      Calls me every 15 minutes and does not leave a message.

    2. Daniel says:

      Have been getting multiple calls from 210.284.6521 on my residential line which is listed on the National Do Not Call Registry.  Obviously they are a credit card company looking to flip business over with a reduced rate offer....

    3. Roy says:

      the number above and several other numbers are being used in text message marketing.  the firm shown indicates a website

    4. Mohammed says:

      EXACT same thing happening to me

    5. Trevor says:


    6. Thurman says:

      Keep calling trying to sell something to me. i ask them to remove me from their calling list.

    7. Jermaine says:

      I have been plagued by calls from American Solar Solutions (6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd, N. Hollywood 91606, 877-946-8855) for months until I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I then received a letter of apology from the company's attorney and a promise that my number would be placed on their Do Not Call list.  However, shortly afterward, I started getting calls from this West Hills number with increasingly frequent, nasty, and extremely rude telemarketers who now literally laugh when I ask them to stop calling me.  I am certain that these West Hills telemarketers are connected to A.S.S.  

    8. Kennith says:

      seriously..I dont know you

    9. Luther says:

      Numerous calls on my sons phone from this number.  Can't figure out who it's from???

    10. Barney says:

      I was astounded to find that the owner of this number is unimaginably attractive, .so much, .. so, ... that... (end transmission)

    11. Williams says:

      Receiving several calls a day, including evenings and weekends.  They don't leave a message

    12. Erick says:

      I also got a call... they said that they are from timesjob...

    13. Nigel says:

      Same to me as Marley, above.  A friend of mine gave this person my number, and I have been getting a number of harrasssing texts.  But it doesn't stop there: twitters are coming through too (and I don't even really know what a twitter is).

    14. Percy says:

      The privacy violator sent a text stating: "We are giving away a MacbookPro to the first 100 mobile users, http://macbook.selectprize.com" ------We're trying to track down all these numbers who send text and would like to file charges!

    15. Ike says:

      says computer is infected lol I work on computers I think I would know if its infected