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    1. Bud says:

      Getting promotional call for debt release. This is very annoying

    2. Dave says:

      Received a credit card solicitation call from this number :  

    3. Alden says:

      some stupid freedom mortgage company looking for random people. I have called them twice to remove my number!

    4. Lon says:

      Wonderful website! Even thguoh we are strangers, we are bonded together by our children .. Lane is in our prayers and I hope you and your husband remain strong through this journey. Lane is such a lucky little guy to have such loving and dedicated parents to help him through his walk in life. Hugs from New Jersey and a special hug from my Justin to your Lane.

    5. Antonio says:

      mine shows thermal cast llc when calling form this number.  I answered yesterday when it called and there was a long pause, then a foreign accent spoke, then I  hung up.  They've called 3 times today.  I'm a business and don't do business at all with this company.

    6. Willian says:

      call about winning a cruise

    7. Carter says:

      Getting three, sometimes four calls a week; they just hang up.

    8. Merlin says:

      From 2011 to 2013 once a month or more I receive a fax from an unknown company offering Life Insurance Rates. No name, no address, and no phone number to call. Only to fax the form back to them with personal information to 407-583-4149. Clearly a scam to get your personal information. They offer the number 206-339-7009 as a number to which you can be removed from their scam, only if you FAX them back at that number. Scam all the way!

    9. Ryan says:

      "Private Caller" - no message

    10. Werner says:

      who is doing this call to me without know to u............

    11. Felipe says:

      tried to buy my car via text message and wanted the lowest price.

    12. Hal says:

      Fed up with these nuisance calls!

    13. Bill says:

      i have been getting these calls for over a month said i owed 3000 dollars of a loan i took out wroung did not do that some guy named kevin keeps calling even today my grandma even called and was hung up on i will be calling the bbb after this thanks all for information.

    14. Brice says:

      Kay jewelers... Enough is enough!!!

    15. Johnson says:

      They called 8 times in a row and i was on the other line with an important call, i answered and there was a bunch on comotion in the back and they asked for Peggy, i told them there is nobody here by that name and i do not want them to call us back anymore.