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    1. Reynaldo says:

      Just got another call from this number. I reported previously that I did not answer, and again I did not. However, my voice mail answered and the person must not have realized it. There is a lot of noise, almost like an airport terminal or busy place. Then a voice with a heavy Indian OR African accent says my maiden name, spells it out, and keeps saying "hello?" Obviously it was the same thing I am reading from others.Thanks for letting me know it is a scam artist!

    2. Tobias says:

      I do not know who this is it is the Machine any call in the middle of the night

    3. Teddy says:

      Spam or Scam.... Text Message: "You've been Chosen to Win a $1,000 Walmart Gift Card! But only the 1st 1,000 users that enter code 7777 at http://walmartgift.mobi will Receive it!"

    4. Leonardo says:

      Also received a call from Michelle yesterday, I responded to a few job post on Craigslist. She said the company is doing a massive marketing expansion and wants me to meet with the V.P at their Commerce Dr. Colorado Springs address. She said she use to be a teacher and this this company recruited her. She said they will be answering questions in a group tonight 4/20 because it's the easiest way to interview for mass hiring. She said they have been in business for 32 years and never laid anyone off...............Sounds like a pyramid so far...

    5. Kasey says:

      What's good with this 209 # seems like everything coming is a scam

    6. Jacques says:

      wrong number n won't stop call me

    7. Quincy says:

      Said i won a cruise...... automated spam call

    8. Brooks says:

      this number keeps calling but they do not leave a voicemail, its driving me crazy. i hate unknown numbers. if i dont know the number rule number 1 is not to answer it.

    9. Dominic says:

      I got a text from this number saying I won a "$1000 BestBuy Card." To redeem, it said to go to "www.bestbuys.com.1000prize.net/?id=kcyyywcbkf" - of course this "bestbuys.com" site is not the official "bestbuy.com" site.

    10. Isaac says:

      Let me guess you won 2000+ travel dollars to right

    11. Harland says:

      Dochebag of the year award!

    12. Adan says:

      Got a call from this number. Didn't answer and didn't call back. Voice mail notification came right after it stopped ringing. When I heard the vm, a recorded message that was already running before the phone stopped ringing was saying something like Amador something, "come on down". I deleted the message.

    13. Ernesto says:

      Spam for Disney World holiday

    14. Mitch says:

      From sos saying I won a free trip. Right!!!!!

    15. Paris says:

      that is probably a message send from an online texting service, like anontext, or the like