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    1. Ty says:

      Newark, new jersey calling about health insurance. Calls 10 times a day non stop

    2. Ulysses says:

      Nope...I just got an email yesterday from her and she used Kathy Holms

    3. Frankie says:

      Dey said I won a 50 walmart gift card n 25 coupons 4 restaurant nden saidsumdig bout 25 4 gas,totalling ova 100 n as soon as he asked if I was 18,he asked if I was a credit holder 4 2 but 4got dem

    4. Lou says:

      fhishing for credit card number,BEWARE

    5. Augustine says:

      got a text msg today (Feb 17, 1:17pm ET) saying I got pre-selected to win 1000$ bestbuy gift card prize but only the first 1000 users that goto http://bestbuygifts.mobi and enter 7777 will receive it

    6. Reginald says:

      That ask me to send $115 ,in that will send me $1500 but that block my Number,now I have no money in my rent is due on the 1st

    7. Domingo says:

      One call from this number this afternoon

    8. Buster says:

      never want to speak to him again.

    9. Ray says:

      They never leave a message. They just continue calling then if you answer they put you on hold.

    10. Henry says:

      A guy claiming to be Dean Williams sent in an email request looking for a quote on large ticket items using the email dwilliams2g1@yahoo.com.

    11. Nathanial says:

      http://www.aapsonline.org/judicial/telephone.htmList of one and two party consent states. In one party states you can legally record the phone call with out the other parties consent provided they are calling from a one party state also. Record your calls so you have proof when your rights are violated. Proof in a court of law can net you $1000 from a rights violation. Know your rights!

    12. Moses says:

      I get the same call 7-10 times daily!  How do we stop these folks?

    13. Emmitt says:

      This company just called me. At work and couldn't answer, so they left a voicemail. Stated they need to verify my address to serve an order that was "placed" this morning, and that I have "one opportunity" to call and then said, "You have been notified." ... I have no orders/judgments or anything against me, no outstanding debts...and am intelligent enough to know that an actual court order would be served, without prior notice via voicemail. Furthermore, there was no company name, no attorney name, just a woman stating her name was "Rachel." *sigh* Try again.....this is the number on the caller id but the number she left to return the call is 855 659-0701.

    14. Willie says:

      Got 7 calls today. Finally called the # back and got automated message that said " press 1 if you want to be removed from list.". I did, and immediately got another call! I answered and it was a security company. Told them not to call again and he hung

    15. Rudy says:

      received call from this number stating they were looking for my neighbor - told them I thought they were creepy and hung up