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    1. Bert says:

      Telemarketing, wrong number

    2. Basil says:

      I didn't bother to reply. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is

    3. Cleo says:

      So this number called again and I listened to the whole scam, they transfered me around the tent they were calling from in Nigeria and told me they were the National debt Consolidation, That i had 100000.00 ion Cc dect and i wanted to consolidate, I listened to it and he told me would email me some info, havent seen the email but he did call back from another number 1-415-880-5599, It says Ca on the caller id. He told me had a bad connection and wanted my cell phone number, I told the guy, I didnt have one and he said he would call back, i am awaiting that call

    4. Len says:

      breifly rang whilst i was driving! couldnt answer to find out who it was

    5. Kelley says:

      I receive calls from this number at least 6 times a day. One time, I called it back and asked them to take my number off their calling list. When I asked them what the purpose of their calls were, they said it had something to do with educational services. I'm educated enough to know a scam when I smell one. Hopefully the calls will stop.

    6. Nickolas says:

      Called me at home.  Caller ID says CALPAL and the man calling wanted to talk to the owner of the Company.  I told him he had the worng number and then he named our Company but I still told him he had the wrong number.  he said he was sorry and would take our phone number off his call list.  I'll have to wait and see if that really works.

    7. Wally says:

      I do not know who was calling me as they did not leave a message on my phone. I do get wierd e-mails from people saying that I have money coming to me and please send all my banking info. of course i do not respond. I forward them to report_spam@telus.net.

    8. Vince says:

      Same here in Phila. Pa. just signed up at Nat.donot call registry. Check for Canadian equivalent. I'm searching the web of lies for more info

    9. Paul says:

      I swear everyday its a new number i have over 20 blocked numbers on my phone its annoying how are they getting my mumber i dont sign up for anything or give out my mumber this is getting sickening

    10. Alton says:

      G.E. alarm, hung up on me when I replied that I had not seen the little ADT etc signs in front of people's houses.

    11. Armand says:

      Threats and vulgarity. Continued to call. Had to call police.

    12. Romeo says:

      I don't know who these people looking for

    13. Frankie says:

      siempre markan y tienen. promocioones. y no puedes llamarles para atras

    14. Victor says:

      Lower my credit card rates...lol i dont have credit card debts

    15. Parker says:

      A caller with an Indian accent called my home telling my wife that our computer was down for 5 days and that they wanted to disable it; the caller said he was calling from London England, High Street of all places; too bad we don't actually have an internet connection. If I did I would call the FBI office in South Texas to report them and shut them down.