740-919 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 740-919-8153
  • 740-919-8154
  • 740-919-8155
  • 740-919-8156
  • 740-919-8157
  • 740-919-8158
  • 740-919-8159
  • 740-919-8160
  • 740-919-8161
  • 740-919-8162
  • 740-919-8163
  • 740-919-8164
  • 740-919-8165
  • 740-919-8166
  • 740-919-8167
  • 740-919-8168
  • 740-919-8169
  • 740-919-8170
  • 740-919-8171
  • 740-919-8172
  • 740-919-8173
  • 740-919-8174
  • 740-919-8175
  • 740-919-8176
  • 740-919-8177
  • 740-919-8178
  • 740-919-8179
  • 740-919-8180
  • 740-919-8181
  • 740-919-8182
  • 740-919-8183

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    1. Walker says:

      had a alex barker call me and tell me the same thing in KY

    2. Vaughn says:

      Calling for a Citi Bank interview

    3. Theodore says:

      These people call all the time and never leave a message nor do they ever stop calling. I kept a record of how often and when they called and they would literally call back to back times minutes apart all day long.  I'm assuming from the length they are going to be annoying that they must be some sort of bill collectors but I have no idea who or for what.  I finally used call block to stop it as I never have found out the name of the company calling or why they call.  They may be a bill collector service but I have no idea for what.  Occasionally they call from other "extensions" but it still says Manteca, CA on the caller ID so I know its them.  I hope someone else can find out who they are since I haven't been able to.

    4. Gordon says:

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    5. Bobby says:

      Kay jeweler harassment number. One of the hundreds they use

    6. Kendrick says:

      calls often, Mexican automated call. can't call back.

    7. Jerold says:

      Responded to job offer online, this actually turned out to be a marketing scheme for online colleges. Every since have been receiving calls to home phone and cell phone daily. Picked up to ask them to stop calling, but no one spoke up.

    8. Alberto says:

      He called me again saying he is the detective and wants my full name! This guy is BS!!!!!!!!

    9. Forest says:

      i think that dirty loser "companies" who know people wont answer strange numbers get those cheap pre paid phones and choose the area code that they would like. our phone rings all day and all night, they all used to be foreign numbers, but now they are all local...my grandfather ended up in the hospital because he was running to answer the phone but it was just a robot disguising their number to look local...these sick money hungry rejects prey on the elderly because they are the only ones with heart to even answer the phone or door anymore.

    10. Del says:

      tried to ring back no response

    11. Cordell says:

      They call 24/7 asking about if I wanna join they bank. I already even told them if they can please erase my # from their list,but they keep on calling! Its getting me annoyed!!!!

    12. Frederic says:

      Called today about 5:45....unavailable, so I didn't answer...thank goodness for the internet so I could look it up!!!!

    13. Saul says:

      got a call from this number. no message left.. caller ID shows Berkeley Springs, WV and then the number.. Who is this and why are they calling?

    14. Jorge says:

      I STUPIDLY responded to the same ad via Craigslist Dallas and now they have a copy of my Resume with ALL my personal details (fortunately I NEVER divulge my SS#)

    15. Emilio says:

      Got a phone call from them at 9:11am on 10/27/10 on my cellphone in MN. I answered and a lady was speaking spanish and I have no idea what she was saying (sounded like a recording). I said hello? again once she was done talking and the call was disconnected.