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    1. Jerrold says:

      Got a text message saying "you've been selected to win a FREE Bestbuy GIftcard for $1000! Enter the code: 'FREE301' at www.bestbuy.combuxz.giz to get 1 now! txt out to stp

    2. Quinton says:

      I have received several threatening phone calls from this number, from a man with a heavy Indian accent, who cursed at me profusely and threatened to have me arrested if I did not pay $8.00 dollars to "LLC Law Firm".  He would not provide me with an address or a phone number. I got the number from my restricted caller ID retrieval at my place of employment.  I spoke with the FBI field office for white collar crimes and internet crime center and was informed that this is a scam from an on line application.

    3. Salvador says:

      FBI???  That isn't even the right government agency to contact!!  Ignorant F***!  obviously you owed a debt awhile ago and refused to pay it bc you're a worthless pos...its like people like you who banks hate bc you make them go bankrupt.  if you/'re not going to pay your debt then don't borrow the money....quick question, if someone borrowed money from you wouldn't you want your money back especially if its 1-5k? wouldn't you pissed off if they told you to f*** off??  you're a theif and you deserve to go to jail for grand theft!  please call the FBI about this, that will be interesting

    4. Silas says:

      Congratulations!!! You have been selected for a $100 rewards certificate. Please Call 855 820 9962 to get the details

    5. Murray says:

      Read this article in the Forbes "Street Sweeper" column about this phone number and the growing chorus of consumer complaints:http://blogs.forbes.com/billsinger/2011/03/23/ftc-do-not-call-diabetes-diabetic/

    6. Eddy says:

      Received same as above.  I hit '9' to find out who was calling.  I told them to take me off their list.  The guy said "can't do that" and hung up.  I believe that is a violation of Iowa's do not call and solicitation calls.

    7. Tad says:

      The calls began on March 29 and I have received 4 calls and no messages. I have no idea who it is.

    8. Jacques says:

      2 calls ,no message left, number is dicsonnected.

    9. Ronnie says:

      its a collection agency I think, very threatening calls, saying good luck I will see you in court if you dont call, or good luck as this begins to unfold on you !

    10. Phil says:

      A magazine company keeps calling saying that I am subscribed under them and keeps wanting my credit card #

    11. Leonardo says:

      I have had this phone for three days. I get several calls a day. They are looking for a woman called "Lisa". Twice I have been able to speak to someone. But they hang up very quickly so you can not find out who they are.

    12. Noble says:

      Text came from (208) 596-6817 stating "BOISE F.C.U. ALERT: Your CARD has been DEACTIVATED. Please call: 208-301-3990"I'm going to assume this is just spam.

    13. Shannon says:

      called me then a voice recording telling me to hold the line to speak to one of their representatives about an important matter. I hung up if it was really important someone would have been on the line.

    14. Carmine says:

      They called me twice within a hour & hung up on me both times as soon as I said "hello" bustards!

    15. Jeremy says:

      Block this number. Person is harassing me