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    1. Jarrett says:

      Called my house number at 7pm and didn't say anything when I picked up. They hung up after I said hello a few times.

    2. Clyde says:

      I got a call from this guy the other day. Claimed he found my resume, ok... I said, "if you can send me an e-mail with some background info of the company and such and what you offer I'll review it and get back to you." He claimed, "he was bound by some type of legality issue that he couldn't tell me anything, but if I come to the orientation all questions will be answered." He did after some questioning via e-mail told me that the name of the company was R & O associates. I too could not find any information when doing a search for this company. I agree, if you claim that your company is on the rise, but yet do not provide any method to research it (he also told me not to worry about researching it) or have a simple website (that he would provide after we met) that just sounds fishy and unprofessional.

    3. Fletcher says:

      I am getting repetitive calls from number 1400 945378. If you try to speak nobody speaks phone just hangs. What is this? It is quite annoying.

    4. Willie says:

      This is a call apparently from Craig's List to tell me they are putting my number on a do not call list.

    5. Tyson says:

      Received a text message at 11:28pm ET on 04/05/08.

    6. Rocky says:

      I answer they hang up.

    7. Johnson says:

      They call me non stop but thanks now i can block them

    8. Lester says:

      Apparently we have been the victim of a debit card spoofing scam. The number has been showing up mainly on Texas phone lines for the last 5 hrs. A pre-recorded message tells the person that they need to verify information about your debit card. This is just a scam. Although some people do fall prey.My phone number is the one showing up as a return number. I apologize, I have notified the authorities and now I wait until I can use my business line again.

    9. Porter says:

      These people are calling claiming they can lower your credit card rate

    10. Darron says:

      Stop calling!!! Don't want anything you have to offer

    11. Rigoberto says:

      This number calls 3 to 4 times a day...all different hours, I recently filed bankruptcy and have been discharged from the United States Bankruptcy Court, which means any former debut has been wiped away and they can never contact me again...So this number calls and leaves messages with a different number to call...it's a indian voice with really bad english the message they leave goes something like this " Hello Daniel Mac, this is a time sensitive matter you need to call me or your attorney if you do not call back I can not help what is going to happen to you god bless"

    12. Bert says:

      Selling crap and promising rewards.

    13. Merrill says:

      yes i did today promising i just need to show up get scratch ticket for early chance to win jeep i signed up for in auburn mall and a def winner of 2 big prizes off the guarenteed scratch ticket a 25.00 gas card for my travel or one night lodging at HJohnsons for$1 if i dont have lucky jeep ticket my name goes back in at 190 riverside st., Portland Me

    14. Stephen says:

      Hello,Please Call: 877-891-9915We have your $200 Rebate VoucherThank you for visiting the websiteRe: STOP to unsub/DNC

    15. Solomon says:

      Caller ID identified this incoming call as Bank of America. When I answered no one spoke and when I tried to call the number back there was a long delay with no ring then a busy signal.