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    1. Roger says:

      They called 3 weeks ago. It was regarding my windows operating system. I said I didn't have a windows operating system. Then he said his name was Romeo and I sounded sexy and could he be my boyfriend. I said I was going to call the cops and hung up. Then they just called back today. Started off with the same line about my windows operating system. I told him that I had already been bothered by his friend Romeo and to never call again. This time the number came up on my caller id. Last time it read "private".

    2. Leo says:

      They kept calling asking to sell life insurance or something

    3. Louie says:

      I have had this come from a computer - Skype possibly

    4. Robt says:

      I'm on the do not call list and received this text today.

    5. Landon says:

      Its my Mama!, Don't mess with her.

    6. Lindsay says:

      Further your education info

    7. Carson says:

      i got alot of calls today from this number, from a man who could barely speak english.. I could barely understand him but he must have asked me a question because I didnt say anything and he got mad and was like hello are you there! all rude. and I said yes but I cant understand a word your saying. and he started rambling on again, saying he was officer something?, and that my friend is being sued..? then I hung up, and they kept calling back and even left me a voicemail. but when I tried to call the number back, it wouldnt go through..

    8. Russel says:

      *A Two~Bit No Good Womanizing Dogg*

    9. Jarrett says:

      GMAC insurance. Not spam.

    10. Aurelio says:

      This caller sends me obnoxious porn text messages.  It's terrible.  I really wish I could figure out a way to block this caller.

    11. Cesar says:

      Trying to sell security systems

    12. Thanh says:

      Robo call regarding acquiring grant money.

    13. Joshua says:

      I don't know anyone in Kent, WA .

    14. Reed says:

      I just got a call from this number on my cell phone. They did not leave a voice message. Has anyone answered a call from this number?

    15. Carlo says:

      Its a bill collecting agency. Ive told them over & over that im not the 1 theyre looking 4. My name isnt the persons name that youre looking 4. So stop it. Theyre not listening, i feel that theyre harassing me