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    1. Nathan says:

      i recieved a text message from this number on new years day. with a phone number to call back and give all my personal info from. i hope this person is found and delt with to the fullest effect.

    2. Cleveland says:

      Don't want yo talk to this person

    3. Wilfred says:

      Number was registered for winner of promotions from wal mart

    4. Garland says:

      WOW i cannot believe these people exist.  I am still waiting for Visa to get back to me on the card numbers he had provided.  I dont understand how the Scammer Profits from all this.  I was never called, we had received an email initiating the conversation from the email address Llanaparts@yahoo.com.  I am glad you responded and are reporting your experience as well.  I will be submitting a report on the FBI Fraud Website as well to help document this guy and hopefully inform people of his scam before any falls for it.

    5. Ramiro says:

      Verizon Wireless Financial Services Telephone Number

    6. Cliff says:

      wants to give me a grant !!

    7. Jesse says:

      Asked for social security number

    8. Korey says:

      Received two phone calls in one day from unknown number.  Extension perhaps is 45.  Number on *69 was 105127896545

    9. Boyce says:

      I received a call listed from V Rubenstein saying they were collecting money for kids displaced by the attacks in Israel and very insistent on getting my credit card number. I'm glad I found this site letting me know my instincts were right that this was a scam. They say they represent an agency called Chumal.

    10. Otto says:

      I haven't answered the calls because I don't recognize the number and found out that this is a scam call.

    11. Hilton says:

      Online degree, free home security system

    12. Whitney says:

      I received a call today from this number claiming that they were a law firm and that their was a suit against me. I told them to send me something in the mail and hung up. He called me right back and proceded to tell me that they had sent me 13 emails about this. After a 10 minute arguement he told me my address and social security number and that there would be a subpeona in the mail in the morning. Bring it on. These people are a scam.

    13. Joseph says:

      Debt Collector, asked for your name and last 4 of your SS#.

    14. Rupert says:

      They left a message on my phone saying the same than, I called back, and question them, they gave me aa phony checking and routing number where I was suppose to have gotten a loan from. they messed up when they told me my mom co sign for the loan, cause my mother has been dead for 6 years. I waited till monday and google the lawyer who they claim to be working for, and the bank where the money suppose to have went, no one had a clue, so I called the police and had them to check into it. I feel sorry for anyone who has given these people money, and I will prey that GOD end this scams they are running

    15. Hiram says:

      They call and call and when you answer they hang up