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    1. Seymour says:

      i got a call from this number and called it back and cant be completed call

    2. Taylor says:

      my friend in tx, got a call askin about me and iam in nc.

    3. Donald says:

      Did not leave a voice message.

    4. Freeman says:

      They said they were calling from Merchant Services Direct and then disconnected.

    5. Lenard says:

      I thought I connected with a man via email on Match dot com. His profile said he lived in NJ. He eventually asked to exchange phone numbers and I should have been suspicious with this phone number 209 208 2712. I texted him but he never called me. I think he sold my number. Because less then a month later I received a call, no message.

    6. Lorenzo says:

      Similar to the above, a recorded message says I MIGHT have won a SUV and to please call back. Of course, I did not enter such a contest and did not call back. A google search for this number shows it associated with a TATA Consulting group on Wacker Drive in Chicago. As with some other "crank" calls I've received and researched, it might be possible that "Jason" spoofed this number and was actually calling from another number. I just don't know, but am reporting the call to the DO NOT CALL registry.

    7. Stephan says:

      wrong number all the time

    8. Leroy says:

      I got a text this morning saying "this is still your number right, meetuwant.com thats where im on"

    9. Juan says:

      wrong number. (someone calling for collection)

    10. Saul says:

      When I looked it up it's registered to  Bryan Johnson   (218) 229-3730   207 S 2nd St W,  Aurora, MN 55705

    11. Craig says:

      they call a couple of times a day and hang up

    12. Charley says:

      this man harasses people. & calls from more than 1 number.

    13. Sheldon says:

      rude and not someone I would trust.

    14. Nestor says:

      I have missed call from this number at least twice a week, but never leave message. I called back to check, but a voice thanks for subscribe from WCA? I use another phone to call, and voice mail indicated that my phone not recognized and please use the telephone subscribed to call. Then I called from another phone to remove from the call list as I did not subscribe my number.  Wait and see what happen after 7 days.

    15. Dennis says:

      Calls constantly. Back to back phone calls. Rude. Scam.