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    1. Thanh says:

      This number has been calling everyday. Today 11 times in the last 3 hours. My phone verbally announces who is calling. If I don't recognize the number I let my answering machine pick up. My machine says "Hi, I don't answer the phone unless I know who is calling. Please say your name, if I'm here I will pick-up if not please leave a message". This number always hangs up.

    2. Asa says:

      ArmaninNa mez ognec haskanal bolor nryubtunner@ internetum ashxatelis. Internetum haytni darnalu ev bisnes anelu hamar vochmiayn petqe imanal sayt stexcelu hmtutyunner@, ayl nayev ayn jisht matucel@, vorin menq qayl ar qayl tirapetel ev der tirapeteluenq das@ntacneri @ntacqum. Menq arajin ashkertnernenq, bayc mer kap@ erbeqel chenq korcni @nker Armani het qani vor na misht patraste patasxanel ir bolor ashakertnerin huzox harcerin. Bolorin xorhurdem talis grancvel ev masnakcel das@ntacnerin manavanq vor ayn dzez trvume anvjar, chapazanc harmaravet dzer isk tanic webinarneri mijocov ev amenakarevor@ kapvumenq mimianc ev uraxanum mer das@nkerneri araj@ntacnerov ev hajoxutyunnerov` @nker Armani glxavorutyamb. Es husovem vor ays dproc@ kunena erkar ev kanach janapar qani vor ayn uni azniv npatakner. MAXTUMEM AMENALAVN U BARIN.Dzer dproci arajin ashakertneric` Bagrat ^_^

    3. Harley says:

      I got this m'fer. I called him back and yes an indian with an american name. I told him the FBI was monitoring this call, I have a friend on the FBI and this is an F'ing scam. I threatened his a** not to call me on my cell or at work again.

    4. Lupe says:

      continues to call during the day and evening 7 days a week........sometimes no one says anything other time says from First National Collections......this needs to stop

    5. Jesus says:

      Call on business line - no message.

    6. Alphonso says:

      She's apart of the same scheme...she robs people... Plays the good girl role.. But is about checking your place out cause she needs a place to stay...to rob you!!!

    7. Josiah says:

      Nonstop calls all day, I keep telling them wrong # and they call back an HR later!!

    8. Nathan says:

      It's a MagicJack USER! This has gone on for long enough! This person has called me yet again. If this number calls you, make sure to go on magic jack website. go to contact us/live support at the bottom of the page and enter in a chat (they close 7pm pst/10 pm est). REPORT THIS NUMBER! I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS ANYMORE.

    9. Oliver says:

      Offering information for classes just because I took a survey.

    10. Kyle says:

      Igot a text today from 2017061941 stating "Apple is Looking for People to Test & Keep the New iPhone5? But only the 1st 1000 users that enter code BETA at http://iphone5test.co will Receive it!" Would love to have one, but I know this is a scam!

    11. Leland says:

      I'm pretty sure snag a job passes your number out.so people from this number calls to offer you schooling and jobs.

    12. Gail says:

      I too get the calls.  Recent technology allows tappers into your cell system as they attempt personal identify theft through your internet access.  Recommend you keep personal info off your cell phone and report this to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

    13. Keenan says:

      Received call for first time today.

    14. Gil says:

      Telemarketing Healthcare plan

    15. Sterling says:

      meaningless text messages