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    1. Russ says:

      This f****ng people should be hunged. The number is from Long Island NY, some pimp or bi*** are sending out SMS everywhere, cheap advertising. The point is, each time I receive an sms I lose 25 cents from my credit. Figure if I receive 10 sms from these kind of a***oles.

    2. Rueben says:

      A man looking for Sarita knolls I think he is a bill collector

    3. Mason says:

      came up on caller id as private number, beeped after I answered and then said "goodbye" in a computer generated voice.

    4. Gavin says:

      She most likely didn't lend her name. These companies falsely used celebrities to promote their products

    5. Ty says:

      they called me I missed the call so I called them back. the person couldn't even tell me why they called. idiots

    6. Jimmie says:

      A insecure intruding and untrusting individual

    7. Lester says:

      Called at 2:12 PM CDT 03-19-2012 ID said "Phone Service" No one there SPAM

    8. Milo says:

      I ask them to quit calling they keep doing it

    9. Curt says:

      Me too. So freaking annoying, especially when you're little ones are napping.

    10. Duane says:

      Verizon technical support

    11. Abdul says:

      direct TV bill collection

    12. Dion says:

      I just recieved the exact same threatening phone call, his name was "RYAN" and he was stating that I owed him almost $4000 and had to pay it immediately or he was going to send the authorities to my house and my work to pick me up.He said it was in reference to payday company in which I do remember filling out an application but never completed the loan paperwork. I demanded dates, names,company contact info and he just ended up yelling at me, saying "FINE, YOU'LL KNOW WHAT THIS IS ABOUT WHEN THE AUTHORITIES SHOW UP TO PICK YOU UP AT YOUR HOUSE!" can anyone validate who these people are???And how do we get them to stop harassing us???!

    13. Tod says:

      Wanting to sell me a warranty

    14. Shaun says:

      Payday advance scam wants you to wire money and then they claim they will deposit the money into your account.  You will never get the promised money.  Absolutely do not send these crooks a dime.  I hope they rot in jail!!!

    15. Franklyn says:

      Thanks for the info. I called the number you gave and was able to cancel the charges. They were polite. I just hope it worked.Time will tell. Thanks again for the info.