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    1. Boyd says:

      I received a call from them this morning stating the same things to me, I told them that I didnt take out any loan and I dont understand what they are talking about, he treatened that my attorney or myself should call them back today, or I would be receiving a supeona on my job. I call my attorney and he called the number, it a SCAM...these people should be arrested and put away for a long time, messing with people like that. I know what to tell them the next time they call. They are some so called underground Indian scammers.....sick people..

    2. Geoffrey says:

      Louky13 Sep 2012Received voice message at work from "Agent Tinsley" phone ID: 254-488-4820 obviously reading from a script. She stated she has case in her office regarding a defaulted check. Demanded a call back from me or my attorney. Stated that was her direct line. Threated if no response is received today, she will issue documents to my place of business and my residence. Rest assured I will track this b---tch down and have the state Attorney General's office go after her where she lives. I will file a complaint with her local police department. Search says this is a cell phone number. She is posing as a law enforcement officer, so with any luck her lousy butt will land in jail.Caller: Unkown

    3. Coy says:

      do not ever anwser this phone number ever ever again

    4. Ashley says:

      called my house today, left no message when answering machine picked up, I called # back, it said I had dialed a wrong # and the call could not go through.

    5. Quintin says:

      They call several times a day. Asking for some person i dont know

    6. Shayne says:

      prophet manasses- wants donations

    7. Kraig says:

      I got the same call. saying i owe some money knowing that i did not get any money in my bank account. I think when you apply for something on line, that you use your the last four digits of your SS#. they can get it easily...You got to watch out for hackers.

    8. Daryl says:

      prank call. art, books fake appts to waste your time as a joke

    9. Renato says:

      Thank you guys for posting your comments about these crooks they are very aggresive and they call my phone everyday and when i call them a month ago they wanted my creditcard info and 3 payments of 150.00 dollars i hung up on them and blocked their number they are scam artist please beware of the bad dogs.fred j.

    10. Jarrett says:

      I received a call from this number also..didn't recognize number so didn't pick it up. They left no message.

    11. Douglass says:

      Caller ID said BMAC not BAMC.  No message left and when I call the number back, it gives a disconnected message.

    12. Courtney says:

      Called and said nothing for at least 40 seconds and then it disconnected.  Call comes across as a CALIFORNIA which instantly labels it as a cell phone #.  I am certain this is a construction call.

    13. Renato says:

      I do not know because I have not answer the call. They everyday.

    14. Hayden says:

      noting but a garbled message in voicemail and keep getting them from # 114-149-4500

    15. Emmanuel says:

      this number keeps calling me and asking me to buy a home security system, whereas i am only 18 and do not even OWN a home, this is really pissing me off because not only do they disrupt me at all hours of the day but the call and call and call and call! and every time i say put me on the "do not call" list, THEY STILL CALL ME! how do i make it stop?