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    1. Lloyd says:

      This number keep callin me playin on the fone 2523272712

    2. Jordon says:

      missed call no clue who it is

    3. Dallas says:

      Just got a call from this number. Beware, asked to speak to owner, calling from ATT regarding unauthorized international calls being billed to my account at a fixed rate. Asked if I had ATT and said yes, then told me that next month I would be receiving a lower rate and when I told him not to change anything on my account, would not let me speak and hung up.

    4. Seymour says:

      They still call me and I called them back! I listened to their spiel, denied wanting their "promotions" and they kept on calling 2 or 3 times a day. I just called back again (It IS Time Warner) and asked them to take me off their call list. They read me an explanation as to why I would probably still receive the calls for 30 days before they would stop. So I'm going to block the number. By the way - I subscribe to Time Warner Cable.

    5. Curt says:

      i dont want call from this number

    6. Valentin says:

      I was left a voicemail on my work number for me to call them back or my attorney to contact them if i didn't call them back that they wish me good luck. The person who calls me has a heavy indian accent. I'm just so annoyed all ready because it's been a month that i've been receiving these calls at my work. I don't want to get in trouble or lose my job for some stupid person who keeps calling me. I even told them That i knew it was scam and they will stop calling for about a week, then they call back with a different number these people won't give up. Just be careful and don't give them any information.

    7. Brice says:

      Got a text at 2:32 AM that my woodforest bank account had an alert. I dont bank with wood forest. Another text at 8:30ish and another just now at 10:29. I wonder where they got my number from?

    8. Ernest says:

      The exact text I got was as follows: "Is lack of M0NEY a problem? If up to $1100 today would help, visit www.fundyoufast.com 0.7117578".I say spam and want to know how to block it.

    9. Jamie says:

      Hangs up. Call back and number doesnt worj

    10. Barton says:

      I was issued this corporate cell phone in July and these people called daily as soon as I activated the phone.  I patiently explained on more than one occasion that I did not know the woman they were looking for but, that they were not the only ones trying to track her down.  I know her name since I have received so many calls. They called again yesterday and today.  The man who called yesterday said he'd take the number "out of the system".  I flipped out on the guy today and told him I would report him to the local police department if they did not stop calling MY CORPORATE CELL PHONE.  He told me I needed to call another number.  I explained to him that I didn't have to do anything, that I didn't care about them or her and I could not help them with their collection issues.  He continued to chatter on about something at which point I told him to stop talking and listen to me.  I reiterated my comment about reporting them to local authorities and he told me to have a blessed day and hung up.

    11. Brendon says:

      How did they get our numbers??

    12. Andre says:

      called at 5:45pm and hung up when I answered. Caller ID unknown name I hear a bip and hung up on me

    13. Jimmy says:

      received a call this evening.  weirded out b/c i got a call last night, different number also from alabama

    14. Deangelo says:

      These people are constantly calling me using a different area code 802 number each time. Tired of harassment!

    15. Berry says:

      Something about home break in and the FBI