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    1. Oliver says:

      Person texted "hey cutie, you doing gymnastics." Do not know this number.

    2. Marcus says:

      Didn't answer it was unknown

    3. Beau says:

      i'd tell him that you are anxious to try it and will only play if you can stuff them first.

    4. Gregorio says:

      Automated call said plz hold for the next aviable person

    5. Theodore says:

      Called 3 times tonight talking obscene to my wife and I

    6. Claudio says:

      Trying to lower my credit card interest rates. Automated message.

    7. Clyde says:

      Caller id shows Private Number.  I answered and heard a male voice say "Hello, Ms Becker".  As soon as he said that, I knew it was not someone that I wanted to speak with. I hung up.  And then I blocked the number.  If they call again, the phone will ring once and hang up on them.  I bought a new Panasonic cordless phone that allows me to block specific numbers.  Love it.

    8. Jamison says:

      they got me to pay them 645.32

    9. Efrain says:

      Called and hung up on vm...

    10. Karl says:

      Rcvd a call from "Steve" w/Delta Company (caller ID he didn't say)  Wanted to to talk w/Doug (owner).  I asked him regarding?  He again said he wanted to talk w/Doug...I said again regarding?  He said he would just call his cell...I said please do ..knowing he doesn't have it!   LOL  he hung up.

    11. Tyrone says:

      says free money (digitalVoice)

    12. Max says:

      Repeated calls. Leaves half a message saying to call them back but they don't say who they Are or the company they're with

    13. Deangelo says:

      I am getting consistent repeated consecutive fax attempts to my cell phone from this number, and no info is available on the owner.

    14. Cornelius says:

      Best buy gift card offer. Some spam website

    15. Noel says:

      This number called but didn't leave a message. From what I read above, if you do answer, they only speak Spanish. I don't know if this call is linked to a call I received from Wells Fargo. I received a call where the caller ID said "Wells Fargo" but I didn't answer because I don't have any business with them. They left a message which was totally in Spanish.