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    1. Jewell says:

      about 2-3 calls within the last month or so i don't know if it is someone who i know....

    2. Benjamin says:

      Same thing happened to me but I figured out a way to stop the phone calls; call 866-246-7196.

    3. Marcelino says:

      After telling them twice to remove my number, I told them I was preparing a lawsuit against them. The said "Good luck"

    4. Ezequiel says:

      Have called twice and hung up. I do not have medco or use medco pharm

    5. Leonard says:

      Rec'd call from 207-496-2039 8/04/11 caller ID showed unavailable no one said anything then phone went to busy signal.

    6. Deshawn says:

      Caller stated I was recipient of a $9,000 grant from U.S. Govt

    7. Donn says:

      No one spoke just dead air

    8. Sherman says:

      I have asked this company to stop calling me but they are still calling me 3 to 5 times a day.

    9. Moses says:

      Something spanish about tmobile

    10. Travis says:

      My parents own a BBQ restaurant in Raleigh, NC. My mother called me today to ask me to listen to an email that she got from someone that was hearing impared. The person first contacted her using a relay service. After having trouble with the relay, she asked them to email her with the information on what food they wanted to order for a catering. The email that was sent asked for about $1600 worth of ribs and sides. They also asked that she swipe a credit card for $3400 to pay the difference to a shipper company who would pick the food up. When my mother called me and read the email I immediately knew that it was a scam, having worked for a bank, and seeing this type of stuff everyday. The words used in the email and the way it was written makes it seem as if it is someone who isn't acquainted with the English language. I'm pretty sure it is someone oversees in a foreign country who has started trying to scam catering businesses. She emailed them back telling them that she would need their name, address, and driver's license number. Of course they have yet to respond!Although my parents knew from the beginning that this was a scam, because the person asked to pay other people through Western Union; I'm sure that someone out there has or will fall for this scam. SO BEWARE! The email address that they used was Gert.Bacoon@gmail.com. I hope this may come as help for someone in the future.

    11. Francisco says:

      Told me I won a $50 walmart card!!

    12. Jon says:

      This came over as a txt saying I won a $1000 gift card at Walmart. Walmart says that they do give out gift cards but they do not notify you by txt! This is a phishing scam, do not respond to it.

    13. Ulysses says:

      was that number really an adult chat line?

    14. Theron says:

      I think this problem is with only reliance. I also get calls from this number.

    15. Drew says:

      I have caller ID and an answering machine. I never, never pick up the phone for long distance numbers. If it is important or something vital that i should know they can leave as message.