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    1. Sebastian says:

      Had the same experience last week when I picked up - a recorded message about gambling.  They called again this a.m., I ignored them and no message was left.

    2. Danial says:

      Received a fax for medhome.com--addres seems to be in Hong Kong

    3. Carmelo says:

      This is SOS. Is the IRS harassing you because you owe back taxes? Blah blah blah.... Press 1 now for a free tax consultation.

    4. Virgil says:

      Medco pharmacy. Never used them. Said they have a prescription.

    5. Stanford says:

      ADHW has consistently called every 6 months for nearly 2 years.  Each time I asked to be removed from the list as I am on the national do not call registry.  I have been told they are considered more of a charity this the national registry does not apply to them.  I have spoken to a supervisor more than once and have been told it will be taken care of yet, once again, 7 calls today and I picked up the phone asking them to take me off the list.  I can not get any information on the company address as I would like to report them to the BBB.  If anyone has found that information, please post.

    6. Enoch says:

      Sunday morning, Shabbos is over. The parasites are calling again.

    7. Johnathon says:

      got a text message that began with "Need some quick cash..."

    8. Sheldon says:

      I have this number and another one set on my reject list on my phone, but it still pops up that I have a missed call whenever they attempt to call me. I've called back and done their "stop receiving calls" thing that takes 72 hours, but it doesn't work.Times- 11:50AM Fri, Aug 5th, 12:26PM Sat, Aug 6th, 4:27PM Sat Aug 6th, 11:08AM Mon, Aug 8th, 12:18PM Mon Aug 8th, 3:30PM Mon, Aug 8th, 12:13PM Tue, Aug 9th. YEAH, THEY LIKE ME. This happened a few months ago also and did eventually stop, but now it is at least twice as bad.

    9. Marcellus says:

      Yeah even that wrongful death lawsuit won't stop these guys.

    10. Jeffry says:

      I'm on this website re: a different scam that occurred today, but this one - for this number 1-428-125-4725 occurred on 10/30/13 like so many of you guys.  Incoming call recording said that our Chase debit card had been locked for questionable activity and that I should press 1 to speak with a professional.  The recording was strange, so I called Chase, and of course the account was fine.  They suggest emailing abuse@Chase.com with information when this happens.

    11. Jeromy says:

      Wanted to buy a car from me sight unseen by using paypal account and having a shipping company pick the car up.

    12. Craig says:

      Caller ID read Asheville-828-236-1954.  Received call each night approx 6pm for 2 days.  Busy signal when attempt to return call.

    13. Bruno says:

      I keep gettin texts from this number saying "hey sexy" and stuff like that. I thought it might be a friend pranking me but seeing several ppl talk about the same number.. Well it's a lil weird.

    14. Paris says:

      This number is calling to  me daily in the morning,after noon, and evening and late night.

    15. Elliot says:

      Keeps calling and its the wrong number! Won't leave me alone