718-327 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Alfredo says:

      These crazy men called my jod several times today. I've reported them to the FBI becayse they are harassers and they are trying to scam me out of money. I hope these idoits are caught soon.

    2. Wes says:

      This calls has been ongoing for over a year now and I am we'll past annoyed.

    3. Deandre says:

      Been receiving calls from this number on my cell for about two weeks. I dont ever answer and they never leave a message. This company has called 3 times just today. When I tried to call back its either busy or just rings until disconnected.

    4. Emmett says:

      I've been getting call's for weeks now on my cell phone.I never answer it. Its getting very annoying I need them to stop. how do I do that?

    5. Terrence says:

      block block black ck block and get the hell out of my life

    6. Isreal says:

      he said he was an officer for a place i didnt understand where he was said my social security number was blocked by the u.s. goverment because a lawsuit was filed against me to call him back

    7. Darren says:

      Someone named tajamul miah from paterson nj. A weirdo leaves weird incomprehensable messages

    8. Stan says:

      Got this morning a phone call like you from a female talking in french (accent from France) asking me if I am Mrs Albert, I said wrong number and hung up.

    9. John says:

      I received a call.  I tried to call them back and when it was answered it was just music playing at the other end.  Nice music though.

    10. Minh says:

      Repeated calls and hangs up.

    11. Hilario says:

      No call back is accepted.  We need congress to help them stop bugging us. No penalties and they may keep bugging us.

    12. Delmar says:

      Gotten about 50 calls from this number in the past couple weeks.

    13. Hobert says:

      WEST ASSET MANAGEMENT - That's who this company is calling!

    14. Horace says:

      This number calls multiple times a day and never leaves a message.

    15. Aurelio says:

      It's 5:22 in the evening (Fri Jan 8, 2010).  The phone rings and I picked  up the receiver after three rings.  I've dealt with suspicious callers before so I know what 'not to say'.  I recognize the number to be an international number, 062 246 3747 so I simply answered as clearly (to ensure the caller hears) and politely (not to set off a red flag) as possible saying "Pleasant good evening".  There was a pause and the pause extended for about 17 seconds... the caller hanged up without saying a word and I did not repeat my greeting.