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    1. Scott says:

      Received a call from a pushy telemarketer who was trying to give me a $40 gift card for signing up to some service at $19.95. The caller new the 4 last digits of one of my credit cards and obviously new my private  call phone number. He wanted to verify my address and credit card # to complete the transaction when I hung up. I called my credit card company and they canceled this card and issued a new one with a different number. Beware!!!

    2. Jay says:

      Keeps calling dont know it

    3. Tyron says:

      Two calls. One said privacy manager the other Take a message. Picked up and call  had been blocked. From reading the above messages, I'm glad.

    4. Elbert says:

      My business keeps getting calls from this number and when we answer, no one responds. This happens about 5 times a day!!!.

    5. Mickey says:

      14 texts in the last 60 minutes. This is driving me up the goddamn wall! They won't stop, always msc.dep@mscdep.com Call us now! +1-253-785-0545.And...there's another text. Jesus. My phone's memory is full. Ridiculous!

    6. Hong says:

      They called me and my husband and asked for our account numbers it's a scam because wehn we ask who they are they hang up.

    7. Ross says:

      Yea, I fell for it too... sounded sketchy but went for it anyway... he even knew my area and asked me to meet the girls.. i posted the deposit, and got a call from the guy telling me where to meet the girls.. he gave me names and decriptions and everything.. went to the hotel to meet them, waited over an hour, called the guy back, left messages and no response... DO NOT CALL THIS A** HOLE!! it is a scam!... I have a name Barbara A. York from Wendell N.C... lets get this guy who is stealing our money!

    8. Aubrey says:

      GETTING A TEXT FOR THIS NUMBER TORQUES ME OFF!!!! Lucky for them I have Unlimited Text otherwise what it cost me it would cost them 100,000 fold I DONT PLAY GAMES, I GET SATISFACTION THRU VENGEANCE !!!!!

    9. Arlen says:

      hi how r u diken, now where r u.

    10. Major says:

      Wants to pay over fed ex and send driver to pick up item

    11. Riley says:

      I should open up a business . I'm just a kid .

    12. Ivory says:

      Received call from 209.398.8989 left no message at 5:36pm 5-10-07 I have Cingular and the phone called (me) is in area code 831.  I WISH we could hold people accountable.

    13. Raul says:

      Asked about health insurance.. I already have health insurance!!

    14. Rudolf says:

      Just got call.No message left.I don't know anyone in area code 218.

    15. Jordan says:

      Don't know them. They said "hello".