717-553 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Mauricio says:

      this number is a telemarketer trying get people to sign up for a blood sugar meter and their products..

    2. Jamaal says:

      a machine calls you then after awhile a person comes on talking about lowering your interest rates.I phoned this number back and there was no ring ,no call completed.scary

    3. Byron says:

      received a call at 8:13 pm, number on caller id. Left no message.

    4. Neville says:

      I keep getting phone calls from that number.

    5. Brooks says:

      they've been calling me constantly at the most random times, never answered

    6. Karl says:

      I've gotten 2 calls from this # in the past 2 days, Caller ID says Geo Tech which is part of SAIC. No messages left, and when I try to call back all I get is a recording saying all lines are busy.

    7. Cornell says:

      I didn't understand the language spoken. A message was forwarded.

    8. Stacey says:

      Credit card debt services scam!

    9. Willard says:

      Irs back tax scam. I don't have back taxes

    10. Bryce says:

      Somebody trying to sell me something

    11. Randall says:

      getting video text alerts at all times least 2 times a day.  I know it is a landline that is disconnected when you try calling it.

    12. Carter says:

      These toll free calls started coming in the last week of July. They are calling numerous times of day and night, and as everyone else says, no answer, or a hang up. I have reported this to the police in our area, and I was also able to put a tracer on it by dialing *57. When the phone rings pick up and then hang up. Pick up the phone again, wait for dial tone and dial *57. Wait on the line and it will tell you if it was successful. This was with the help from AT & T. Then call your local authorities and report the call saying that you have put a tracer on it and it was successful. I beleive the call is coming from El Cajon, Ca. from the University Prep Center. They also use 2 other numbers which are cell phone #'s, both with a 619 area code. One of the cell #'s is 619-729-2247 and the other is 619-260-1626

    13. Hollis says:

      Repeated harrassing calls from some weirdo

    14. Marshall says:

      have been calling every two hours for days, never leave a message and no one there if i answer. Called back they don't say who they are just ask for your phone number.

    15. Faustino says:

      they call continuously and do not leave a message. my guess is it on a dialer system that calls phone numbers every hour unti lthey get a live person.