717-547 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Romeo says:

      Try calling 586 530-2443.  I got an illegal robocall on Saturday, this guy called me back on Sunday. This number ties in to Quality Control Premium Air Duct Service and there are pages of complaints against that number.

    2. Lucio says:

      We keep getting calls from this number.  They hang up when anyone answers.  If they are telemarketers they are breaking the law.

    3. Augustus says:

      This number has called me several times but never leaves a message. When calling back you hear a pre-recorded message that the phone has been disconnected. SPAM at it's worse.

    4. Jarod says:

      Asset management specialist

    5. Alfredo says:

      This number called text me. over like 70 times. look up strong arm ent and there no number listed for them and only one that was is founded my florida or he apart of them plus they want the money paid in money gram becasue u cant get it back once it is taken

    6. Tyron says:

      Actually you should be filing this with the FBI, white collar crime division and Local Authority's..  

    7. Rickey says:

      They call every hour on the hour...u gonna get it late but u will get it...

    8. Blake says:


    9. Josue says:

      Receive calls from this number and they do not leave a message or a name.

    10. Wilbur says:

      I have gotten two calls, one mentioned a lawyer would call id I didn't return the call. The second said to call by mon

    11. Hans says:

      Meds. They're selling meds.

    12. Paul says:

      Kept getting calls, in an attempt to finally put an end to the phone calls, I answered & got a recording. The recording asked for a specific person that I didn't know & does not reside at my residence. Recording said Press "2" if it's the wrong number. I did & this obnoxious guy asked, "Ronald?", I said "no, you have the wrong number". He said, "Well, you have no business in Ronald ____ affairs, do you?" Ugh!! Needless to say this guy got an earful & was assured my number will be removed from their records!

    13. Nigel says:

      Same situation as above, except they claimed to be with the State of Oregon Business Development Office as well as the Oregon Chamber of Commerce. Told her she was a fraud, especially since we haven't moved since 1965, weren't planning to, and we had caller ID. She hung up as I told her not to call back again.

    14. Kendall says:

      Well if they are so honest then I would like the money the took out of my account after I canceled with them.  I shouldn't have been charged for doing that for what I know.  So if you could let them know that jerry_m_66442@yahoo.com could be emailed the directions in which he could get his money back that would be greatful.

    15. Cary says:

      I don't know who these people represent and won't say on their messages, calls constantly on behald of jack with a lawfirm